The Teen Reviewer

What If Overwiew

I love the 'What If' series because you are in control of the character's decisions. Everything she does, even the minor aspects like taking the bus, have a huge impact in the end. There are quite a few endings to get but only one that I feel is perfect (and yes, after I read the book I checked out the other endings). One of them even said that her popularity went downhill and you had to start the book all over again making different decisons though. It is a new story every time you read it so you can hardly get bored of the book. At the end of each chapter you are given different choices so for each reader the novel is different. I can't tell you what each book is about simply because I am unsure if you will have the same results as I do. Do read this book. Don't tell anyone what it was about.

Who WOULDN'T Like This Series

Kay, if you are unsure if you would like this series you should be. This series appeals different people. I personnaly thought this was an interesting idea and was fairly well written however my friend thought it was a bore. Before I begin, there are many books in this series each focusing on a different topic. Some books like 'What If Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You' was quite a bore that I flipped to the end and choose my favourite ending. If you are all about finding out what happened, this book might not be for you cause YOU decide what happens. The characters aren't exactly detailed or relatable but they have to be simple so it is believable that they would make any of the different choices. This book was fun but definetly not a must-read.