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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Overview:

What a fantastic series. It has humour, romance, adventure and suspence. I loved it SO much. I love so many books but I can proudly say that this series is next to Fablehaven and Airborn on my favourite book list! I love that you can see how the characters evolve in time. Percy and Annabeth's relationship is so funny and romantic. Even though I hate Rachel Elizabeth Dare, her  character makes the novel more modern. The fact that 2 girls like the same boy is a concept that never gets old and Rick Riordan creates the perfect novel. It couldn't have been better. Rick includes greek mythology and and a story plot. Real figures of mythology like Medusa and the 12 gods. The plot is completly unique and spectacular by all means. There are 5 books in the series: The Lightning Theif, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian. A movie based on the books is created too! I am sad however that the series has come to an end. Camp-halfblood is too good to be gone! Luckily, another series is starting but sadly our characters Percy, Annabeth, Grover etc. will not be the stars. Instead, new demigods will take there place. According to the new prophecy, there will be 7 new heroes.Perhaps Grover and Juniper will have some more drama or the love triangle of Percy, Annabeth and Rachel, CURSE HER.  Maybe, Dioneseyes's punishment has been reduced and he is gone! Let's find out! Oh, and I want to thank my friend Faria for recommending this book series to me and letting me borrow it.

Update: The Lost Hero has come out and it follows the adventures of Camp-Halfblood. Percy Jackson is no longer in the 'main' characters but he is quite important. Annabeth is still there too! But there are some new characters who we will hopefully enjoy such as Piper. She seems like the 'new Annabeth' but NO one can beat her. I am going to read it soon so check 'Books' soon for a review.

The Percy Jackson Movie Series

I honestly did not like the Percy Jackson movie that much. It was alright but I still believe the book was better. Who am I kidding? The book was WAY better. But if you watched the movie without reading the book (shame on you ;) than you may have actually enjoyed it because you did not have anything to compare it to. So below, I have chart detailing the similarities and differences from the movie and the book.


~ Annabeth Chase is a brunette with non-curly hair
~ Annabeth is very violent towards Percy and seems like she wants to kill him during Capture the Flag
~ Grover is a gangster type with an African American descent and enjoys to flirt with girls including goddess Persophone
~ Persophone had a major role
~ Clarisse is not mentioned once
~ Ares has a breif non-important role
~ Luke is set as the bad guy and Annabeth does not seem to have any feelings for him or feels sad when he leaves
~ Percy has nothing to be jealous over
~ There is no Thalia's tree
~ Annabeth doesn't have a dream or ambition
~ Grover couldn't care less about the god Pan
~ Percy, Annabeth and Grover sneak out of Camp to have an unofficial quest without mention of the Oracle
~ Jumped right into a giant crush between Percy and Annabeth happened with hand-holding by the pool and pretend kissing


~Annabeth is a blonde with princess curls
~ Doesn't want Percy to get hurt and she actually goes easy on him in his first game of Capture the Flag
~ Grover is a shy and timid boy who does not act like he is cool but more as he has hardly any friends and thus for does not flirt
~ Persophone was not mentioned
~Clarisse plays a major role as the bully in Camp
~ Percy becomes enemies with Ares due to a feud
~ Annabeth has a huge crush on Luke and she is devestated when she learns that he has become evil
~ Annabeth's crush on Luke also made Percy jealous
~ Thalia's tree is mentioned in the book for the 3rd one
~ Annabeth wants to become an architect and is obbsessed
~ Grover needs to find Pan to fufill his searcher license
~ Percy, Annabeth and Grover recieve their quest because the Oracle told them too
~ Early crush/friendship stages between Percy and Annabeth happened in time like it really happens (The Tunnel Of Love part)
 Grover was funny in the movie and it didn't matter to me if he was black. But what bothered me was that they changed his character into the sterotypical black person. He would never go to Aphrodite girls. Ares, the bad guy, isn't even in the movie! And my favourite part of the book, when they go to the Tunnel of Love isn't even shown. They don't show Percy being jealous of Annabeth and Luke. They never consulted the Oracle so then there will be no point for Rachel's character which will leave out big important parts of the story. Since Grover doesn't care about Pan, how will they show the second movie or the ones after it? Also, I enjoyed how Rick Riordan progressed their soon to be love instead of an unrealistic jump. Such a disappointment but the Ipod touch idea with Medusa was clever.