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Took this on a boat ride

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Bonjour. Hello, today ‘The Teen Reviewerwill take you on an in-depth view of one of my favourite cities in this giant world, the city of lights, romance and especially fun! Of course, this city can only be the one and only, Paris! From the sights to food and everything in between, you will love the capital of France. Paris has absolutely everything you need whether it is a relaxing and peaceful break or an exciting and fast-beat holiday stop. Paris is located near the gorgeous River Seine, where you can admire houseboats and other marvels of the water. 

Eifell Tower

It glows at night!
The Eiffel Tower, the trademark of Paris, is a breathtaking sight. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and for a good reason. This particular piece of architecture dates back to 1889 and holds many speculations. I have had the privilege of going to Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower and have suggestions. First and foremost, the tower has three levels all that can be accessed by tourists by either lift or stairs. Both the first and second levels have gourmet restaurants that I highly recommend. I also suggest coming earlier in the morning if possible because the tower is a huge tourist attraction and getting in is difficult. Make certain that you take the lift unless you are as fit as an athlete and can handle the long staircase. Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night is a beautiful aspect of any Parisian holiday. As night approaches, the tower glows magnificently and appears golden. It is no question why they call this the city of lights. When I went on the trip, I embarked on a boat excursion on the River Seine. It was a short and inexpensive trip to see Paris from afar and if you take this trip at night, you will have the absolute best view of the Eiffel Tower.

Arc De Troiomphe

It's in the middle of a freaking road!
Another notable architecture is the Arc de Troiomphe. Located in Charles de Gaulle in intersecting roads, tourists admire the work from streets but cannot get close. Actually, there is a replica of this arc in Rome. If you closely though, you can see detailed designs that are distinct to this exclusive arc. Architecture is only one aspect of Paris.


The museum is underground and around
Art is another. Have you heard of the Mona Lisa? Well, this and many other forms of famous artworks are displayed in the Louvre. It itself is art, being that it is a translucent square-based pyramid. Inside include artwork from around the globe. Marvel at Egyptian sarcophaguses or at ancient Greek sculptures. To see the entire museum would take decades so I suggest creating a list of must-see things that are fairly close to each other and visit this city again to see more. There is also a food court and gift store. I bought a replica of the Mona Lisa and when I showed it to my fifth grade class you could not believe the reactions. Everyone thought I was a THIEF! It looked that real. You can even see the delicate lines and the patterns the painter used. If you do not like paintings there are also many displays of real artifacts like Egypitian jewelry for the ladies and fossils for boys. A blast for all ages really - who knew a museum could actually be FUN?

The Mona Lisa is actually really small. And crowded. When I took this picture I was younger and shorter so I managed to squeeze my way to the front. But a security rope and security guards this painting like it's worth a million dollars. Which it is. So this was the best shot I could get. I suggest making this the first or last thing you see because it is difficult.
A real life sarcophaguses. You can see how it faded away in time but still keeps it richness. I don't remember who this mummy is or even if a mummy was in it. My older cousin and brother loved this part of the Louvre.


Mmm.. cheddar cheese!!!
Another well-respected art in Paris is food! When traveling to new places, it is custom to indulge in new cuisines. You have a wide variety of cheeses and breads to choose from. Traditionally, a baguette and cheddar cheese followed by red wine is Paris style. But Paris does have many delicious non-alcoholic drinks too! Wheat products are very popular in all of France. Croissants, crepes and muffins all are under those categories. Steak frites are my personal favourite! Basically it is steak with French fries. Try escargot otherwise known as snails for an adventurous approach. Surprisingly, it is quite tasteful. It is not in anyway slimy but instead salty and flavourful. If you enjoy clams or mussels than this is a dish you would love. While you don’t want to empty your wallet, you simply must try Paris cuisine. A fantastic restaurant that is also inexpensive is Chartier. I strongly recommend it for all readers.


A ridiculous yet gorgeous outfit
Fashion shows are another thing associated with Paris. Paris however does have ridiculous fashions. Models would try outrageous ensembles that can never be practical. However though, sometimes, you may be lucky to see a jaw-dropping show. Shopping in Paris is never a bore. There are brand name shops and factories their as well as authentic Paris styles. Shop at some new shops and then come home wearing the complete opposite of your country’s fashion. Just say, “I’m sporting a Paris original”, and your friends will in envy you. Remember, being unique is always stylish. Jewellery there is AMAZING and totally different. Rings that pop out with mini bubbles or a necklace that has all the charms that open. In the evening, street vendors come out and feel free to roam around the outside market and get great deals on practically everything.  My personell favourite store in Paris had to be Next. It was like the Paris brand for tween-teen girls and guys. They had everything to dress clothes to casual slacks. They even had their own line of perfume (that I was allergic to). Next also has some Parisian original spontaneous designs and things I wouldn't wear to school but if that's your style, go with it. I suggest getting at least one ridiculous outift to wear on those days when you just want to stand out and Abercrombie or Hollister just won't do. 

Everything Else!

A ferry in Paris is relaxing and lets you see lots of things
If you are planning to go to Paris, you don’t need to stay in a 5-star hotel. You will be having so much fun that you will only spend nights and probably mornings in the hotel. If you can, get a hotel that is close to one of the sights you want to see. To travel in Paris you have many options. You can ride a taxi, take a ferry or do the quickest and simplest way: take the subway (known as the metro). If you want a tour of Paris, ask your hotel manager who will recommend one close to you or look for the double deck buses with the tour logo on it. As always, bring your camera, binoculars, maps, I.D and most importantly, your sense of adventure. Enjoy your time in little Paris. Au revior!

~ The Teen Reviewer