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Prom Queen : Not aired

The upcoming Glee episode 'Prom Queen' is an episode that looks very interesting so far. From what we have heard and seen, Quinn Fabray might just lose her role as Prom Queen. The basic plot is Principal Figgins asks Jesse (the hottie) to sing at the school's prom. The episode airs May 10, 2011 so we just have to wait and see what happens.

Spoilers/Rumours (Read at your own RISK)

~ Santana and Karofsky go to prom together (does this mean Brittania is doomed???)
~ Finachel MIGHT just happen again (leaving Quinn alone which leaves room for Quam!)
~ Puck will have a guitar solo (possibly for Lauran?)
~ According to several sources, 'Rachel knows about Quinn hiding her feelings' : What does this mean? Her feelings for Finn are out in the open. So could this mean her feelings for Sam? Is this why Quinn punches Rachel?
~ Like the previous one, Quinn punches Rachel at prom in the bathroom
~ The boys will sing Rebecca Black's 'Friday' (sadly)
~ Rachel and Sam will dance at prom together (NOOO! This ruins Quam and Finchal)
~ Blaine and Kurt go to the dance together
~ Kurt will wear a KILT to the prom (very interesting choice)


The official promo for 'Prom Queen'. Let's see what we can speculate. Rachel obviosuly did something to tick off Quinn. I say kudus to Quinn for FINALLY slapping Rachel. For the past episodes all Rachel has been doing is trying to steal back Finn. She is SO desperate. I mean, singing songs for him and trying to make Quinn look bad. Yes, Finn obviously still likes Rachel but that does NOT mean that she can go trying to steal someone else's boyfriend. Have some respect Rachel, she wouldn't like Quinn taking her man so why should she? We can also speculate that maybe Rachel (gasp), won Prom Queen.

In this promo we all see Jesse, looking as fine as ever ;) Perhaps him and Rachel will get back together.

And only 3 Glee's left!
Artie tries to win back Brittney's heart by singing to her while she is in cooking class.