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Born this Way: A

Was as an amazing episode that had emotion and a sense of realism. The characters felt like real people and the plot line was magnificent. The actual episode was actually longer than most (around 56.5 minutes without commercials). It explored the topics of loving yourself for who you are and not changing for anyone through Lady Gaga's inspirational song, Born this Way. Each Glee member expressed something they wished they could change about themselves but then decided to embrace it. The songs were great, plot line was also great and it definetly deserved an A rating. Good job Glee, you made my day (after coming home from an excruiatingly long time at Math Club). And notice the picture? Look closely (see someone?)

The episode starts at dance rehearsals. As we know, Finn Hudson cannot dance. But when he does, it leads to disaster as he crashes into Rachel, breaking her nose in the process. Rachel's doctor than reccomend her to have a nose job. Rachel is unsure, feeling torn between keeping her Jewish nose and having a more slim toned nose like Quinn's. Her and Quinn go to the nose doctor where he takes pictures of their noses while the two sing a mash-up of, 'Unpretty' and 'I feel Pretty'.

Finn and Puck are strongly against Rachel having a nose job. Here is some Finchel guys! He wants Rachel to stay the same, beautiful. I usually bash on the character of Rachel but I did sympathise her at this moment. Puck also agrees, claiming that after the girls 15th birthday, they would come back to the synogauge with a slightly different nose, looking less hot than before. I have to agree with the boys (even Puckerman) on this one, you shouldn't change how you look because that one 'flaw' is apart of what makes you unique. In order to convince Rachel that her nose is not something to be ashamed of, Puck takes her to the mall where she meets up with Kurt. As we all know, both Rachel and Kurt admire the one and the only, Barbara Streisand. Now, would Barbara change her nose because it 'doesn't fit in'? NO! Would Barbara change ANY part of her to impress someone else? NO! Using this (and an amazing cover of 'Duck Sauce'), Rachel goes against changing her nose. Something I won't often say but, good for Rachel.

Later on, the devil Santana uses Rachel's nose to highlight some of the other members personal flaws. Commenting on Finn's pointy nips and Sam's trouty mouth made Mr.Shue realize something about his group. That they did not like themselves. This makes him urge the Glee kids to embrace all of them, even their flaws. And to do so here come the tacky shirts. Shirts, you ask? Yes, with the help of Emma, all the Glee kids will choose one thing they want to change about themselves and wear it proudly on their shirts. Even Emma made a shirt. Wanna guess what it said? I thought it would say 'Fruit Cleaner' or 'OCD' but instead it said 'Ginger'. Tisk, tisk Emma. A concerned Will makes Emma go to a therapist to deal with her 'problems' and she is getting help (imaginary audience cheers).

Let's fast forward a bit shall we? Before we skip a portion, I'll tell you the basics. Just pretend I am the introduction dude in Glee. "You remember Karofsky, the big scary football player that used to bully Kurt but then kissed him? Yeah, remember how he is like gay? Well in this episode he was checking out Sam's butt and although he does have a very nice one (cue awkward silence), Karofsky has to be more careful cause Santana saw him and now SHE knows he is gay. Speaking of which, Santana is also 'in the closet' and is in love with Brittney who is still dating Artie. Anyways, Santana totally blackmails Karofsky into convincing him to go out with her as a disguise but eww, that is so gross. At least Sam is free (for Quinn not Karofsky). Back on topic, Santana has a goal to get Kurt back in Glee club so that Brittney will dump Artie and that her prom campaign will get lots of votes. And that's what you missed on GLEE"

Kurt had a discussion with Figgons (they HAVE to give that guy more lines) about transferring back to Mckinley and after discussing the matter with Karofsky, they reached a conclusion. Kurt Hummel is back in Mckinley!!! Two amazing songs are sung at this moment, one goodbye song to Kurt from Blaine and the Warblers and also, Kurt's amazing edition of 'As if we never said goodbye'.

Back to the prom queen biz, you will NEVER believe who wants the crown. No, not loudmouth Rachel. It's Lauran and when Lauran wants something, she plays to win. Quinn better watch her back considering Puck teamed up with Lauran and their first target: rid of the Hudson-Fabray. After Quinn insulted Lauran about her weight, Lauran does some of her own digging. Her and Puck find out that Quinn's real name is Lucy and she was an obese, zit-covered little brown-haired girl. Yikes! After a confrontation with Lauran, Quinn admits to it but uh-oh. Maybe Barbie shouldn't have messed with Lauran considering the large amount of 'Lucy Caboosy' posters hung all around the school. I felt for Quinn and luckily Finn did too because he put a picture of Lucy in his wallet telling her that she is the most beautifull girlfriend he could ever have. I hate Fuinn. I want to poke it with a knife. But this moment was too cute and aww-worthy that I'll let it pass.

If you wondering, Quinn's campaign actually got better after the poster since girls could then relate to her and see that she became beautifull. Lauran apoligizes but Quinn won't accept it, telling her how she admires Lauran's personality and attitude. These two would make cute friends.

In the end of the episode, the title referance comes to play as the group (excluding Santana) sings Lady Gaga's Born this Way! It was amazing. All the kids wore their personalized shirts during the scene, even Emma finally wrote the truth on her shirt (OCD). The scene ends with the kids happily embracing themselves through song. Overall, a cheerful episode with many cutesy moments and a whole bucket of 'aww'. I loved it! Rating: A

The Group's Shirts:



Shirt Saying

Four Eyes
I'm With Stoopid (pointing at herself)
Can't Dance
Likes Boys
Bad Attitude
No Weave (afro)
Can't Sing
I'm with Stupid (pointing down there)
Lucy Caboosy
Trouty Mouth
Lebanese (meant to say Lesbian)
Brown eyes
Butt chin

Songs sung in this episode

A beautiful mash-up between 'I feel pretty' and 'Unpretty'. This song was sung by Rachel and Quinn. I love their voices together. Quinn has the sweet angelic voice while Rachel has the powerful and loud voice. It shouldn't work together yet it does. And it sounds amazing but also gives a great message. Love yourself!
I've gotta be me was sung by Finn and danced to by Mike. Along the song, Mike tried to show Finn some basic dance moves (but he failed miserably). It was nice seeing Finn act like a klutz but I honestly didn't like the song so much. I think I have heard too much of Finn's voice. Perhaps we should get another male (like SAM!).
The song sung to Kurt by the Warblers and Blaine when Kurt transferred back to McKinley was amazing. Blaine has the most amazing voice ever and this song was fantastic. It even made Kurt tear up! I just can't stop listening to this.
Kurt has just an amazing voice as the one and only Blaine. When coming back to McKinley, Kurt sang the heartwarming song, 'As if we never said goodbye' as he walked along the hallways of the school witnessing members of the Glee club.
The cover of 'Born this Way' was absolutly stunning. Everyone's true talent came out of this song through their dance and song. Almost every Glee member got to showcase their talent and I was glad that people besides Rachel and Finn got solos. The beginning was amazing with Kurt, Mercedes and Tina. Loved the song and L-O-V-E-D the shirts. They were funny and cute. Bravo, Glee!