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The Wii

Again, I am sorry in advance if my reviews don't meet your expectations. For more info please click directly on the Gaming section.

Back to topic, I own one regular white Nintendo Wii station like the picture to your left. I have 4 Wii remotes, 2 nun-chucks, a Zelda Wii wand, Wii balance board and 2 Wii motion plus things. I have a few games and to see my reviews on the games check the tabs under the Wii section under the Gaming section. Sorry if that is confusing.

Well, back to my review. I am reviewing the Wii console, not the games, in this post. Overall, I found the Wii station to be both interactive and fun. Let's start with the actual console first. It is slim and fits in small spaces. It has a simple and basic desgin for no confusion and comes in different colours like red and black to match the attire of the room. The home screen of the Wii is a fantastic layout and is easy to use. It includes the game, Mii, photo album, interenet, weather and mail screen. 

Mii Channel

The Mii channel is an interactive and cool component of the Wii console. Using the Mii channel you can create your own characters, called 'Mii's'. You can either choose to make a Mii based on an old one or make one from scratch. You get the option to choose hairstyle, hair colour, eye ... These Miis can be named whatever you like and they all get placed in the Mii centre (see left picture). These Miis can be used to play on Wii games and can save your data for each Mii. If you choose the option to share, you can enter your Miis into a parade to interact with other Miis from different consoles.  Miis don't really do much. When you click on the wistle, your Miis assemble themselves and you can sort them into categories but that is pretty much it. Once, my brother and I watched the Mii channel for ten minutes and all they did was walk around with the occasional sneeze or hiccup. Miis can also win achievments like fake trophys and medals. Your Mii can also be saved to your remote so if you go to a friend's house to play Wii, bring your remote so you can play as your Mii. Go to this site for Mii cheats and cool things : .


Wii Message/Mail board isn't YOUR email adress. That has been a common confusion among many. The mail component is pretty basic. Everytime you play, you will get a letter telling you how long you played and for what game. Other letters you can get are commonly adressed to your personal Miis. When you make a Mii they get a mail and on their 'birthday' you also get mail. If you get an achievment, like Level 3 on Mario Kart, then you will get a Congratulations letter. Also, if you are connected with other consoles, they can send you messages via the Wii. You can also compose your own mail to be sent to other consoles. The Mail board also has an option to write a self-memo. The last thing in the Mail board is a calander where you can write about the events in each date.

Internet, Photo Album and Weather

If you connect your Wii console to your home Wi-fi network you can check your favourite sites like Facebook on your television screen. Your internet channel will also connect you with your local news station. I have CBC on mine.

The Forecast channel tells the weather for your location. You do need Wi-fi though and you need to include your location. The forecast tells you a 7-day track.

There is also a Wii Shop Channel where they try to rip you off. Again, you need wi-fi to use it. I advise to NOT go on it.

The Photo Channel can show you your photos by putting a USB chip in the console and transfering the pictures. With the photo channel you can present your photos in a slideshow to watching guests or transform them into a movie by editing and moving shots overlapping them with your own music and sounds. Also, some achievments give you photos that you can also keep in the album. For example, I finished all the tracks on the 50c Mario Kart games and my console took a picture of my Mii in a racer costume that I can still view in my album.

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