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Original Song: A+

Fantastic show. Bravo! It has been too long since I can say that about a Glee episode but 'Original Song' was an amazing show. I rarely think to myself, this show deserves an A+ but I have made the exception this time. Like the title, Glee has decided to write their own songs and I could not be happier. Finally, the Glee cast can showcase more than just their singing talents. The songs were great (and some were rather amusing), the plot line was well done and the character development was perfect.

The episode starts at Dalton Academy where we see the Warblers singing (more like Blaine singing) the song 'Misery'. Kurt finally brings up the issue that the rest of the Warblers are not given the same oppurtunities as Blaine (prompts to him). I think it's great that Kurt tells Blaine this, I mean he sings great but we hardly see Kurt get the spotlight.

The next scene takes us to Rachel and Finn. Rachel sings her original song, 'Only Child' (terrible by the way) only for it to be thankfully turned down by Finn. It was MUCH better than her first song, 'My Headband' but it still didn't have that emotion and passion for a great song. Quinn, in fear of losing Finn to Rachel, decides that she and Rachel will have to become friends (as the saying goes: keep your friends close but your enemies closer). Quinn has the right to be fearful, Rachel doesn't keep her own space. She wouldn't like Quinn flirting with her boyfriend yet she does the same.

Directly after Kurt's amazing edition of 'Blackbird', Will announces to the New Directions that because of Sue, their set list has been turned down. Rachel suggests the idea of writing original songs and after being turned down, Quinn (hoping to get on Rachel's good side) supports the idea. Mr.Shue decides to go along with the plan and the whole Glee cast will try to create their own songs as well as a group song.

Meanwhile, Blaine after much thought, decides that Kurt is correct. Initially when he tells the Warblers that he wants to share the spotlight, the idea is demolished. But after much convincing, Blaine chooses Kurt to sing with him in Regionals.

The original songs are in and they are ... a flop! Santana sings to Sam about his apparent, 'Trouty Mouth' which leads him to be embarressed. This song sucked and the expressions of the characters were hilarious. I usually do not laugh at terrible songs but it was so atrocious that it was hilarious. I really hate SamxSantana together so I was pleased when Sam told Santana that he was sick of her jokes about his mouth. Santana also sang her song to Sam to get revenge on Brittney after she rejects her. So there's your Brittana!

Quinn's dream of being Prom Queen almost got abolished when Finn tries to put off their campaign until after Nationals in order to spare Rachel's feelings. Luckily, Quinn scares Finn into agreeing to start their campaign AFTER Regionals. Good for Quinn. Finn needs to put Quinn first, she is his girlfriend not Rachel. Speaking of Rachel, she eavesdropped the whole exchange and confronts Quinn about it. Quinn, obviously pushed to the edge, snaps at Rachel telling her that Finn and her are together and will be together. Rachel says she will not give up on Finn and Quinn lashes out on her making Rachel not only cry, but produce a great song.

For all Klaine fans, here's the kiss! Blaine realizes that he is in love with Kurt and kisses him. They are now an official couple.

Back to the Glee club, Mercedes sings her song titled, 'Hell to the NO'. Will explains to the Glee Club that they have to dig deeper and find something that hurts them all. Exhibit A: Sue. Her constant tormenting on the Glee Club causes them to want to be better. Thus a song comes, 'Loser Like Me'.

On the day of Regionals, the Glee club is all pepped up and ready. The judges, each with their own biased opionions are: Rod Remington, Tammy (hater of Obama) and Sister Mary (a nun). Sue's group, Aural Intensity is 'Jesus is a Friend of Mine' in order to win the favour of the judges. Blaine and Kurt sing Candles for the Warblers and then the usual pop song from Blaine is, Raise Your Glass. I loved the two harmonizing voices.

Finally, it is the New Directions turn. Rachel sings her original solo, 'Get it Right' which is met with a roar of applause. I must admit, the song was amazing although it was about her wanting to get back with Finn. Sometimes, you just can't hate the girl. The group then sings 'Loser Like Me' which is a song about the torments Sue creates but how they overcome it each time getting stronger. It is lead by Finn and Rachel. I honestly did not like Rachel singing this song. She gets EVERY solo and EVERY finale with Finn. A song like 'Loser Like Me' should have been sung by the underestimated members like Tina. In the end, the New Directions (more like Rachel and the Pips) win Regionals with The Warblers in close second.

Rachel recieves the MVP award and though I hate her, I couldn't help but feel she deserves it. She is the reason they won, without her song they would not stand a chance against Kurt and Blaine. Overall, a great episode that makes you smile. The original songs are unique and fantastic. Unanswered questions are answered and the final result? Perfect. Rating: A+

Songs sung this episode:

Misery is the first song in the episode sung by the Warblers. As you can see, Blaine once again takes the lead vocals.
Ay,yi, yi ... Only Child is a terrible yet funny song with lyrics like 'Just One Egg' and 'The Only Berry On My Family Tree'. It is better than 'My Headband' but thank god they didn't use this song for Regionals.
Blackbird originally sung by the Beatles was beautifully done by Kurt (Chris Colfer). He had the passion and emotion to really sing this song. He sang this song in honour of the mascot bird that died and it let the Warblers notice his talent.
"I have another edition of Trouty Mouth" - Santana
Sam holds up sign that reads 'Hell to the NO'
Puck's original song to Lauren. Very interesting...
Mercedes original song which portrays her feelings on various things such as Tator Tots.
The Warblers take on 'Raise Your Glass'.  I love when Blaine sings pop songs. He is so much better singing songs like this then slow songs. I actually think this song is better than the original (gasp)! I love the New Directions and their selections but I think it should have been a tie between them and the Warblers after this amazing song.
Rachel's original song. It was fantastic and sounds like a real Billboard hit. She is a mastermind to create and sing this. It's true, pain and passion make the best songs. Her song is about regretting the pain she gave Finn and although I still think it's inappropriate for her to pine after him when he has a girlfriend, the song is still amazing.
Loser Like Me is the song written by the group and it expresses the pain Sue gave them but how it made them stronger and made them want to win. Sue's expression is priceless. She is probably thinking, 'Wait, are they singing about me?" I loved the song but did not like Rachel taking the lead once again. The Glee Club needs to highlight some of the other members talents, not just Rachel's all the time.