The Teen Reviewer

Sexy: C

Glee's Sexy was not the best episode I have seen from Glee. Most likely because I strongly disliked the topic of 'sex' they had on the show. Why must they talk about that so openly? Yes, I know the show is rated 14+ but little elementary children watch this show. I do not want my little brother to be exposed to this. Some parts of the episode were good however, like the title, the main focus was 'sex' and that is why this Glee episode had such a low rating.

The episode starts off with Holly Holliday! I was really happy about this. Holly is such a great character and amazing singer that I had hoped the episode would turn out good. But of course, it went downhill and fast. Holly was teaching a health class and when confronted from Mr.Shue, told him that kids will be kids but at least they should be educated. She then went on telling him that his Glee kids were far from educated. Finn thought that you can get pregnant in a hotub and Brittney thought that babies come from flying birds. Obviously, they did need a lesson but why must we have seen it? In Glee club, Holly performs the song, "Do you want to touch me" and then continues on with the lesson. 

After, Will and Holly share a kiss after they rehearse the song (ironically) "Kiss" by Prince. For those of you Holly lovers, this is good news. But if you are fixtated on Emma and Will, then you might be pleased to know that Holly turned him down.

Meanwhile, Kurt hears from Sue that the New Directions might be singing a 'sexy' song for Regionals. Blaine decides they need practice and so the Warblers sing 'Animal' to an all-girls school with postive results. Kurt however, is very uneducated about those topics so Blaine convinces Burt to educate Kurt.

Other plot lines include Puck and Lauran preparing to create a sex tape until they find out it is illegal. This prompts Puck to join the celibacy club run by Emma. I found this part ridiculous. Puck, the man who has had 'it' with almost all the girls at the school and got Quinn pregnant in a celibacy club. Yeah, right. The celibacy club also performs the song, 'Afternoon Delight' unaware that the song is about 'it' instead of desserts. I found this part stupid considering Emma is an adult and should at least understand the meaning of THAT. By the way, if you were wondering why would Emma have a celibacy club when she is married, this is answered too. Apparently, Emma is still a virgin. Holly has a couple confrence with Emma and Carl (the hot dentist) and it ends up with Emma admitting that she is confused with her feelings causing Carl to tell Emma to move out.

The Holly counsling doesn't end there. Holly also counsels Santana and Britteny about their very weird relationship. After some thought, Santana realizes that her sexuality is actually lesbian. Before, she believed to be bisexual but she knows that she is IN LOVE with Brittney. Her hopes are crushed though when Britteny explains that she loves Santana and Artie but will not break up with Artie.

In the end of the episode, we see Lauran initially getting mad at Puck for joining the celibacy club but then deciding to join him after he proclaims that he is trying to right his wrongs. Quinn and Finn start a relationship to go with Quinn's idea of becoming Prom Queen. Now, although we all saw that coming, allow me to say, "NOOOOOOOO!" Quinn and Finn do NOT belong with eachother considering they are both using one another. Finn and Rachel belong together and Sam and Quinn. On a side not, Holly gets fired due to parents complaints. The episode ends with Holly and Will starting their own relationship.

Overall, this episode was okay. I disliked the theme of 'sex' and the stupidness of Emma but at the same time, this episode needed to happen. It was unlike a filler episode because this episode made Santana's sexuality official. It also had Holly whose humor and character is likable! Rating: C

Songs sung in this episode:

Do You Wanna Touch Me sung by Holly Holliday and the Glee Cast. The song was highly proactive especially the actions and when Holly opened her jacket to reveal her revealing top. Very disappointed. I had to skip this part and I must admit, I didn't miss much considering this song is not even that good.
This song made all the girls legs turn into jelly!
Will and Holly danced/singed to this song originally done by Prince.
Santana and Brittnay share a moment after the realization that Santana is lesbian and IN LOVE with Brittnay.
The WORST song in the episode. How could Emma NOT know this was about having 'it'? Why didn't the celibacy club tell her it was about 'it'? And why even choose a song like this. If she thought it was about desserts, why have THIS song of all other songs?