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Hello reader, who ever you are. My name is Sabrina, last name not of importance. You can just call me The Teen Reviewer. I love reading books, watching television and listening to music. Obviously then I tend to read reviews of my favourite books, shows, etc. to see what other 'professionals' think. But I have noticed that reviews are written in an adult's perspective. It is simply ridiculous. This website voices the opinion of a 13-year-old average girl with too much time on her hands. Enjoy! P.S Most posts are located in the Book section.

To navigate, I have now 6 topics: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books Games and Travel. Simply choose a category and a sub category to view the contents. If you have any questions, comments, concerns and/or complaints check the Comments tab. Below is my 'What's New' column!

What's New!

If you are a regular visitor to my website, then you probably will want to know what is new so you can jump to that immediatly. So below, I have my recent activity and the date I published/updated it. Hope you enjoy!

July 18th 2011
~Been a while - hasn't it? Yeah, sorry about that. School got in the way of a heapful of things and I was planning to update the Teen Reviewer in June but then June was filled with parties, last-minute-work, getting ready for grad, farewells to awesome friends and such. Since it was my end of middle school, the Grade 8s got to go on an Ottawa trip which totally rocked! I'm actually going to review this fantabulous place soon ...
~ 'Abandon' book review has now been published

May 17th 2011
~ Prom Queen review recently updated under Glee tab
~ Funerals future review posted under Glee tab! Spoilers/Assumptions!!!

May 16th 2011
~ COD and Mario Kart pages published under Gaming tab
~ Rumours and Born this Way reviews published under Glee tab.
~ It's almost SUMMER vacation!!! No school, homework and the best part ... no TEACHERS!!!

May 9th 2011
~ '13 Reasons Why' book review has now been published under the 'Books' tab
~ New Glee Episode Reviews posted!!!

April 17th 2011
~ 'The Tomorrow Code' book review has now been published under the 'Books' tab
~ New travel blog post, 'How Was Your March Break', has been posted under Travel tab in 'Travel Blog'

March 24th 2011
~ Oh My Gosh guys, you rule! Thanks for all my fabulous comments and page views. In the last week I had over 47 views! just sent me an email congratulating me for my success and in a month, my website might become an official domain that could be found on 'Google'! If I become an internet star (you never know), I'll be sure to include you guys somehow! Thanks again.
~ 'What's your favourite movie ..." post located in the Comments tab has been posted. Reviews encouraged! I also included responses to your previous comments.
~ Kite Runner book review located under the 'Books' tab has just been published.
~ Rating system published under the 'TV' tab
~ Blame it on the Pop episode published under the 'Glee' tab located under the 'TV' tab
~ An actual game has been added under the 'Gaming' tab. Play and have fun!!!

March 4th 2011 
~ First off, an apology to all my avid readers and viewers on this site. I had lots of homework, prior commitiments and whatnot so I was unable to update my site for a period of time.
~ 'What's you favourite song' post located in the Comments tab has been posted. Reviews encouraged!

Feburary 24th 2011
~ 'Vancouver, Canada' review located under the 'Travel' tab has just been published. I hope you guys visit Canada, it rocks! A special mention to Faria for the awesome idea. You know your awesome Faria!

Feburary 23rd 2011
~ All posts written by one indivisual 'Sarah' have been deleted. If you are my friend and wish to see them please contact me personnally. 
~ I have left everyone else's comments because those are the ones that matter.
~ 'Let's Go Cruising' post has located in the 'Comments' tab has been posted. Reviews encouraged!

Feburary 22nd 2011
~ A very special thanks to 'Kim' who commented on my 'First Post' blog located in the 'Comments' tab. Thanks for inspiring me to continue to write and travel. You rock!
~ I responded to your posts in the 'Calling All Gleeks' blog located in the 'Comments' tab
~ I responded to your posts in the 'Funniest Thing Ever Seen' blog located in the 'Comments' tab
~ 'Glee' located in the 'TV' tab has been majorly updated. Now, if you check it out, you will see a spoiler/promo for the upcoming Glee episode, 'Blame it on the Alcohol'. Just hover your mouse over the arrow on the 'Glee' tab and you will get a list of the episodes (so far there is only 'Blame it on the Alcohol')
~ SARAH you are officially banned from my website. Any posts will be deleted. All previous posts will also be deleted. DO NOT COME BACK!
~ People PLEASE stop commenting on things unrelated to my post. This may sound unproffesional but if you are here to criticize my friends than GET A LIFE!
~ For my real friends, I will leave yours and Sarah's posts on for a maximum of one week if you have anything else but immediatly after they will be deleted and if you want to keep yours on, please tell me in advance. Thanks

Feburary 21st 2011
~ 'Favourite Funny Thing/Video' post located in the Comments tab has been posted. Reviews encouraged!

February 16th 2011
~ 'Glee' located in the 'TV' tab has been MAJORLY updated! There is now a list of our favourite Glee songs. Not just mine, but OURS! I have listed my top 15 and included your songs too that I collected from your comments on my 'Calling All Gleeks' post. I have included your name too. You can still be on it by commenting on the 'Calling All Gleeks' post and within a week, you will see your name! I also put some Glee videos that I either loved the song or found it too funny!
~ I have been 13 for 4 months now so in exactly a month, it's my 1/2 birthday!!!

Feburary 15th 2011
~ 'The Percy Jackson Series' located in the 'Books' tab has been updated. Now you will find a chart describing the differences and similarties of the movie to the book
~ 'Gallagher Girls Series' located in the 'Books' tab has also now been updated. You will see a section devoted to avid fans of the series where they can choose what they like better, Zammie or Jammie and a chart to show what each character does to affect Cammie. There is also more quotes.
~ 'Secret Santa' located in the 'Books' tab has been published.'
~ I responded to your posts in the 'What's you favourite place?'' blog located in the 'Travel Blog'.
~ If anyone would like to review either Gaming or Movies then please comment me and include you email when you do. For more information, click directly on the Movies or Gaming tab. Thank-you.
~ 'Fablehaven Series' located in the 'Books' tab has been updated and now it is more user-friendly
~ This 'What's New' section ! ;)
~ 'My Waiting List' updated located directly when you click the tab 'Books'

Feburary 14th 2011
~ 'Exotic Foods' post located in the 'Travel Blog' tab has been posted. Reviews are encouraged.
~ 'All Time Favourite Books' post located in the 'Comments' tab has been posted. Reviews encouraged.
~ Happy Valentines Day!

"Reviewing music or reviewing anything is a writing job. It's nice if you are experienced in the field you are writing about, but writing is what you are doing. "

~ Virgil Thomson