The Teen Reviewer

Secret Santa by Sabrina James: 4/5 STARS

I read this novel within a week only at school. It was a quick read, came in mass market paperback and the cover looked so pretty I overlooked the fact that Christmas was long over and checked out the book immediatly. Or it could have been the reason that the author has the same first name as moi!

Anyways, Secret Santa is about sophmore, Noelle and her friend (aslo a sophmore) Lily attanding North Ridge High school who are participating in their school secret santa. Noelle is a helpless romantic, hoping, no begging that her secret santa would be Charlie Grant, her crush/neighboor since she was in second grade. But he's a senior and hardly acknowledges Noelle's existance. Lily has no interest whatsoever in romance after her heart-felt break-up with long-term boyfriend but she wants to make sure that she gets her secret santa the exact present he wants.

Celia aka Beach Girl is new to the town but she automatically gets recruited by the popular girls Amber and Shawna. Celia has no freedom when with Amber and Shawna but their friendship made Celia unattianable for new friends - even though she really wants them. She has a huge crush on bad boy Jake but she can't even talk to him without Amber being angry with her. Celia has been to all the parties, her days are always planned and even her secret santa is choosen specifically for her because popular girls aren't allowed to asociate themselves with lower class people. Shawna though dislikes how she is treated by Amber but of course she never says so out of fear of being ridiculed. Both girls already have boyfriends but Amber says that she absolutly needs a senior boyfriend and that Shawna should have one too. Shawna though is happily in love with Connor but he is suddenly ignoring her...

Other characters like Froggy who is totally crushing on Celia and Ryan, Charlie's younger brother who is also a sophmore make the story more intense and real. When everyone chooses their secret santa things get heated up with romantic and real presents. But to find out who gave presents to who they all have to wait till the Winter Dance.  And can they all make it that long without losing friendships along the way?

Secret Santa is a fantastic romance chick lit novel that makes you smile and your heart warm. It reminds us of those child crushes and times with the friends. It puts you in that Christmas mood even if you read it a month later. I strongly suggest this book to raise your spirits. If you enjoyed the Clique novels I once again, STRONGLY suggest this book.  Sabrina James is an amazing author and her style of writing allows readers our age, teenagers, to connect. She can create imagery in the reader's head. We just HAVE to love Celia and we just HAVE to sympathize Froggy because they seem so real. The concept of an actual school secret santa is far from this book but do we honestly need to learn a moral all the time or can we just relax and read for the enjoyment?  Who's YOUR secret santa?