The Teen Reviewer

Abandon by Meg Cabot: 2 STARS 

    Words cannot describe how utterly disappointed I was with this book. But also, I will try. First of all, do not even attempt to read this book. That was my mistake. I decided to ignore all the negative reviews and went out to buy this horrid novel. Why? Because the cover was so fascinating and with a tag that reads "now death wants her back", how could I not fall for the spell. It was indeed terrible.

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Meg Cabot. From her Princess Diaries series to her Teen Idol and more, I cannot think of another book by her that I disliked. That's why writing this review makes me even more sad. Meg Cabot without a doubt is a fantastic writer but something went wrong this time making her book flop. If you are a fan like myself, spare yourself the troubles and just DON'T read the book. Some spoilers are ahead!

Oh, and if you are a fan of Persophone and the Greek mythology, this book has hardly any connections. Yes, it is vagualy about the underworld but the apparent 'story of Persophone darkly reimagined' was terrible. Simply put, it had hardly no referances.

The love story in this book was supposed to be the main plot but it was horribly done. I am a sucker for a good romance (cheesy or not) but even I couldn't accept the concept that the two characters fell in love with each other with only the small encounters they shared. Pierce, our main character, falls desperatly in love with JOHN! Many have mentioned this before but John? Seriously, could she think of a more cliche name? Anyways, John and Pierce first met when Pierce was seven years old and he must have been what, 30? Now go 10 years later and they meet again in the Underworld and he wants her to stay with him. She escapes, blahblah BLAH and they meet up at the oddest times and creepiest places where all they do is FIGHT! So tell me this, how can he end up falling in love with someone like that (forget about the age difference).

It was WAY too long, like seriously, did she have to over-elaborate every single detail. Some parts were too dry and boring. The middle held the most attention for me but sadly the ending caused me to actually throw the book I paid money for at the wall. That's how mad I was. The book could have been rescued but Meg Cabot let it drown (a reference to the story).

The book also made some referances to Pierce being afraid of sleeping with John (as in 'sleeping'). I found that part unneccesary but of course, in the end of the novel she went back to that part and then Piece was no longer scared but ACCPETED it. Did I mention that Pierce is around 16-17 years old?

I hated Abandon. Hate is such a strong word but I really did. Please don't waste your time like I did.