The Teen Reviewer


First of all, I am NOT a Game Addict. I play the occasional video game but I do not even compare to my brother or the boys in my class who play COD and WOW on a daily basis. My criticm of these games may not be even close to yours. I warned you forehand so please no nasty comments about my inability to review a videogame because it is not my forte. It is included on this website to add some interest for male readers but I assure you, my other reviews are MUCH better.  In this section, we will explore Wii games, Ipod touch, Various apps etc. I do not own a Play Station (much to my brother's dismay) or any other gaming device apart from a Wii and a Nintendo Box. I also have the very oldfashioned Nintendo games from my grandfather that requires catridges but I bet no one owns this or if they do, it is collecting dust like mine in some basement or attic.

Sorry in advance if my reviews do not meet your standard, for now I am writing them but eventually I will get someone else to review these games. Interested? Comment me.

A Real Game You Can Play!

To skip to Level 14, type the password: WINGS. To skip to Level 28, type the password: FLOPPY.