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Rumours: B+

AHHHHHHHHHHH! Major Fabrevans/Quam in this episode with a dash of Finchel for all you RachelxFinn lovers. In this episode of Glee, it focused on more serious matters as opposed to it's usual humour and I could not have been happier. This Glee focuses on the recession and how it affects teenagers. Okay, serious part over - for NOW!!! The songs in this episode were great although the Sue plot was unnecessary. This episode is based around Fleetwood Mac songs and about the issue of rumours and gossip in high school. And look at the super cute picture!

This episode starts directly with the humour, just the way we love it. The ever so oblivious Brittney created her very own talk show, 'Fondue For Two' (or as Tina pointed out, should be fondue for three). In the show we get introduced to Lord Timmins, the most plumpiest cat I have ever seen that only eats human food, a.k.a the fondue. More on the topic, Brittney invited Mercedes and Tina to share the gossip. Accidentaly, Brittney spills that Santana plays for the other team. This later is proven to be a mishap since Brittney meant that Santana switched to being apart of the Cheerios to being in the New Directions. Oopsy daisy!

Meanwhile, with prom right around the corner, guess what loud-mouth, over-spoilt, rude girl asked out the hottest guy in the school? That's right, Rachel asked Sam out! Thankfully he denied her request saying that Rachel is, "Not my type". And since we know that Rachel is the complete opposite of Quinn, we can assume that Quinn is Sam's type of girl!

So far this episode has made me laugh and scream like a mad scientist with joy. Sadly though, the B plot made this episode take a slight downfall. Sue, sue, sue ... why did the director have to make Sue become some side joke. Her character was developed quite well with her sister, her hatred and her mean yet funny attitude. But the directors made Sue into some person for cheap laughs. Ha, ha, ha NO! Terri (Will's ex) meets Sue in a coffee shop while Sue is under cover. Commence fake laughs. After a mindless conversation, Sue decides to launch a newspaper for the school that has only one objective. To spread RUMOURS! Sue's wise words are that as soon as you put something out there, it can never go back (she explained this concept using toothpaste).

Guess who made the news? Fabrevans did! Apparently, Sam and Quinn were seen leaving a motel room together. Also in the news is about the prom queens including a segment on Santana 'playing for the other team'. Uh oh. With this kind of gossip, nothing but hate came out of it. Which was essentially Sue's plan. Finn confronts Sam about cheating with Quinn which makes Sam lash out telling Finn that "your the one who stole my girl". Sorry but I have to say, "Awww" since Sam still likes to call Quinn his girl! And don't think Santana was all cool with the news. No, she had her own argument with Brittney.

Don't they say that the key to a good relationship is trust? Well, Finn certainly doesn't think so when he recruits Rachel to have a stakeout at the motel that Sam was seen in. Talk about issues. So Finn is pissed that Quinn might be cheating on him, he doesn't trust his girlfriend and he leads on another girl who is obviously pining after him. Oh well, at least there was some Finchel in that scene. Now, brace yourself for the next part. Kurt was seen leaving Sam's motel room starting the ... RUMOURS! The Glee club discusses how little they know of Sam and the possibility that Kurt could be cheating on Blaine with Sam. Quinn though jumps to Sam's defence stating that she won't elaborate but Sam is definetly NOT gay. But the speculations still happen when the following day Rachel spots Sam wearing Kurt's 'Green Day' jacket. When Rachel confronts Kurt he laughs it off and tells her that gossip is a waste of time. Which is completly true.

Another 'B' plot gone bad is April. The Broadway singing lady is back after a failed Broadway attempt.  She meets up with Will and offers him a chance to go with her on the road. On the topic of glee club and gossip, she suggests they do Fleetwood Mac.

Okay, now I got some good/bad news. If you ship Brittana, this will excite you. But if you ship Bartie, I'm sorry. Brittney and Artie break-up. We knew it wouldn't last long, with Brittney being Santana's love interest and their drastic differences. But we couldn't help but feel a bit sad that this couple decided to break the ties. Wanna know why? Well, after a discussion with Artie about Santana munipulating Brittney, he accidently slipped out that Brittney is stupid. That is NOT the right insult. We all sympthized Brittney when she ran off crying after telling Artie that he was the only one who never called her that. Artie then sang 'Never Going Back Again' while Puck played guitar. Shortly after, Santana comforts Brittney after her break-up and then sings 'Songbird' just to her. Brittney asks Santana to come perform on her show, Fondue for Two but Santana bails causing Brittney to have to perform by herself.

Back to the spy group, Finn and Rachel go on another stakeout at Sam's motel. Finn is still over-analizing Quinn's comment that Sam is not gay when they witness it. That 'it' is the best Fabrevans moment I have seen in a LONG time since their break-up. Quinn was seen leaving the motel, not before giving Sam a very long hug. YES!

As you can tell, Fuinn will not last much longer. In the recent news, Finn is apparently dating Rachel which causes Quinn to overreact. Gosh people, learn to trust your boyfriend/girlfriend. The two then sing 'I don't wanna know' at glee rehearsals. The song was amazing and their voices were great together however they both looked aggrivated and wouldn't smile one (which was dutefully noted by Mr.Shue). Rachel than hits the last nerve. She tells Quinn that she preferred her duet with Sam MUCH better and although that is true, it was out of line. Rachel needs to learn to STOP caring about who Finn dates because she isn't his girlfriend anymore. Quinn is so furious that she demands that if Finn wants to be with her, no more singing with Rachel. While I agree with her, it did seem a bit drastic.

The gossip train isn't over just yet. Apparently, Mr.Shue is leaving McKinley to join April on Broadway. Will denies it but then is later seen practicing a song with April (terrible-btw) which was witnessed by Emma. She encourages Will to follow his dreams and that even if the show is a flop, scouts and others may see it and could start a whole new career for him.

"Go Your Own Way" is a great song that Rachel performed to the nines. Sadly though, she sang it to Finn which caused Quinn to say that it was inappropriate to sing to another girl's man. Rachel then rebuttles stating that Quinn is cheating with Sam. This causes the whole group to start hating on Sam until he finally had enough. He tells them the truth and why Kurt and Quinn were spotted with him in the motel. They were helping him. In what? Sam's family got affected by the recession causing him to lose his house and having to live in a one-room motel with his 2 little siblings and parents. Kurt lent him some clothing and Quinn was helping him babysit his siblings since he had to work nightshifts at a pizzeria. Sam's secret was out!

Rachel and Finn, clearly embarresed about accusing Sam, visit him at his motel. It was very small for 5 people. Sam explains to them how his dad got laid and the motel was the only place for them to go. Finn gives Sam his old clothing considering Kurt's fashion is not really Sam's style (he did look cute though). They then present him with his guitar which Sam had to pawn to earn money. Poor Sam. This serious tone on Glee was refreshing though and I really enjoyed it.

Songs sung in this episode: