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Indie Girl by Kavita Daswani: 5/5 STARS

Indie Girl is the story of a 16 year old girl, Indie (her real name is Indira Gandhi & needless to say she hates it), settled in Los Angeles. Her father is a brain surgeon, mom a housewife & she also has a younger brother.  Obviously, her standards are high. Her parents want her to be succssfull as a doctor or lawyer. They want her to wear tradtional Indian attire and act like perfect Indian daughters like a family they know whose daughters are going to India to help the needy.

However, Indie has a passion for fashion? She is mad about it and thinks that she has all that it takes to be a fashion journalist. She has an eye & instincts about fashion. She is thereby eyeing “Summer Internship” in Celebrity Style (her favourite fashion magazine).
The book is all about what Indie does to get her hands on that internship, from arguing with her parents, to babysitting the editor's child, to gossiping & nosing around in the most compromising situations. Along the way, Indie even meets a complete hottie who tries to win her heart.

Does she manage to grab the internship from Aralyn’s cousin?
If yes on what cost and if no then how will she take the failure? Does the experience make her a better person? Or will it shatter her spirit in the process? Read the book to know more… 

Needless to say, I LOVED this book

~Indie though is just 16 year old, she is very clear about her goals and how to achieve them, but in the process she never looses her respect for her parents & their views. She is ambitous and most of all, real

~The book in whole is enjoyable, with well sketched out characters & a racy narrative. You will live the journey of Indie, such is the narrative.

~I liked the book because the of the fact that it’s a simple story well told. To read about a teenager who has her goal defined at such young age is something that we don’t get to read frequently. 

~188 pages only :-) a nice book for smiling, relaxing & breezing through. You won’t learn anything from it but why do we need to be preached every now & then? Just let go & enjoy :-)

So read the book and smile. I sure did.

P.S I guess I also liked this book cause I love the idea that even someone close to my age can do something so incredible and not only dreams about her dream but makes them into realities. We all have a little 'indie' in us!