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Calling on all GLEEKS!!!

Are you a total gleek like I am? Well isn't that swell. I love Glee as in L-O-V-E! The one-liners from Kurt and of course the awesome tunes. But has anyone noticed that most of the songs sang in Glee are like a decades old? They're good and all but Glee is a show for kids not adults and senors. I would like to hear the Glee cast singing something that I can sing along too like Rihanna or Beyonce. That's why my all time favourite episode is the Maddonna episode. She is a classic, who doesn't know her songs? People say Glee ruins songs but I think it does the complete opposite. It reminds of us songs we might have forgotton or introduces us to a new song we will love. I never heard of Bohemian Rhapsody until I watched the Season 1 finale of Glee. Basically, Glee rules and anyone who says/thinks otherwise shouldn't be on this part of the site.

Our Favourite Glee Songs:

This is a list of not only my favourite Glee songs, but also YOURS!  That's right, I included your songs and your username from my February 2011 post located under the 'Comments' tab. I numbered my favourite songs and then I listed yours in no particular order. Below, you will also find a link to what the 'professionals' say on their favourite Glee songs. Also, I would love to know what Glee songs you think are better than the originals. Worse? Comment me under any of my Glee posts that you can find under the 'Comments' tab, click on the Category of TV. Hope you enjoy this part of the site!!!

My Favourite Glee Songs:
1) Four Minutes to Save the World by Kurt and Mercedes
2) Time of Our Life by Quinn and Sam
3) Singin' in the Rain/Umbrella mashup by Will and Gweneth
4) Telephone by Sunshine (Charice)
5) Forget you by Gweneth.P
6) Walkin' on Sunshine/Halo mashup by the girls of the Glee cast
7) Gives you hell by Rachel
8) Happy Days are Here Again by Rachel and Kurt
9) Need you now by Rachel and Puck
10) Lucky by Sam and Quinn 
11) Marry You by the Glee cast
12) Touchin' & Squeezin/Anyway you want it mashup by the Glee cast
13) Bad Romance by the girls of the Glee cast and Kurt (an honourary girl)
14) Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Finn and Rachel
15) No Air by Finn and Rachel

YOUR Favourite Glee Songs:
Don't go breaking my heart - requested by Cool Dude
Forget You - requested by Alexa and JayJay
Teenage Dream - requested by Dylan and Kurt Hummel
Bad Romance - requested by Juneberry100
Don't Rain on my Parade - requested by Faria
Faithfully - requested by Faria
Marry You - requested by Faria and JayJay
Defying Gravity - requested by Nobody
Happy Days are Here Again - requested by Nobody
Need You Now - requested by Juicy Girl
Bills, Bills, Bills - requested by Kurt Hummel
Golddigger - requested by JayJay
Hey Soul Sister - requested by JayJay

But it's not too late for me to put your song and name! You can still comment on my previous post. Go to 'Comments' and respond to the post titled 'Calling all Gleeks!' If you can't find it, click TV in the Categories tab.  When you respond include a name and your favourite Glee song(s) and within a week, I will post it here!

The proffesional opinions:

Glee Videos:

That girl can sing! And she is in the new movie, 'Country Strong'
Single Ladies by the Football team. Cracks me up everytime I watch it. I just love that cute Kurt and his interesting tactics. The other team must have been like WTF
I sadly could not add the actual video onto my site because it was copyrighted and low quality.
Watching Rachel get envious of Sunshine is super funny and she looks like she is going to eat her while Sunshine is all smiley. And Sue just takes the cake!
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