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Fablehaven Overview:

Many people who know me, know that I am a Fablehaven megafan! Ever since I picked up a copy at Chapters, I have been hooked! Fablehaven rules and I will often tell you of it's upcoming books. So far it has 4 books in its series but the best author alive, Brandon Mull, is writing the fifth and last one. I can't wait! It is coming out this March on the 14th. You have to read it. The first book is about siblings, Kendra and Seth who visit their grandparents at a magical preserve. There they encounter scary monsters and figures of our imagination like mermaids. Luckily, the house and yard are safe from evil becuase of the treaty and unspoken rules. But when Seth breaks the rules he puts the whole family in danger. With all the adults under a spell, it is up to the unlikey duo, Seth and Kendra to save the day. But can they return order back to the preserve before the demon Zzyyxx is released or will they perish trying? I rate this book 5 stars for its suspence and humor. It is a captivating read that both girls and boys between the age level 10 and above will enjoy. I have also read the second, third and fourth book. They all are awesome! I am SO sad that the series is ending but it is SO suspenceful just waiting for it to be out. So what are you waiting for, go read it! There is also a website just go to, for yourself!    

Update: Fablehaven series is now complete and has a total of 5 books!

Fablehaven Keys to the Demon Prison: 4/5 STARS

Keys to the Demon Prison’ by Brandon Mull is the fifth and final book in the exciting Fablehaven series, which fans have highly anticipated. After the disaster at Wyrmoost, Kendra and Seth Sorenson would like nothing more than to enjoy what is left of school days. But the Society once again has the upper hand: they kidnapped their parents. Acquiring 3 artifacts already, the Sphinx only needs two more to unlock Zzyzx, the demon prison, and cause havoc for the entire world. With limited time, the Knights of Dawn must locate and retrieve the Translocator, the artifact to transport to different places. With Kendra’s heart broken (and that can only happen a number of times for a girl who is fairykind) a certain unicorn can spark new interests. Besides the obvious romance, Kendra finds herself in a tougher situation. Her recent fairy kind nature can offer both advantages and disadvantages to the situation. Her brother Seth is having a similar problem (although he claims his is much more important). After becoming a shadow charmer, demons have never been more interested, especially the dying Graulas but as we know, demons can never be good. Many friends and allies have been lost due to the Society like Warren, still stuck in the magical backpack for now 3 whole months. It’s the Knights chance to prove that they are smarter than their foes and the stakes have never been more important. Even with advice from the previous caretaker, Patton Burgess and communication with the Fairy Queen, the battle will be something no one has experienced since the days the demons were free (and that was a LONG time ago). The Sorenson siblings have the diverse team from satyrs to dragons but when and if the demon prison opens will it be enough? Or will a certain breed of creatures finally earn back their lost trust and join the battle? It’s the Society against the Knights and this time only one can win. Read ‘Keys to the Demon Prison’ and pick your side.

Keys to the Demon Prison was a compelling and exciting ending to a well-loved series that readers will happily devour. It had action, it had romance and of course, what all readers’ love, it has surprises. Most if not all readers hate cliche endings. A terrible final book can ruin a series. However, this was not the case. Book 5 certainly surprised me. Especially chapter 5.

I have noted that some reviewers did not like Brandon Mull's writing style. He writes in third person perspective. I am used to first person but this way, Mull could allow the reader to hear the story from everybody's views. He shared everyone's thoughts and feelings although mainly Seth and Kendra, seeing as they are the protagonists in the series.

My only reason for not giving Fablehaven 5 the fifth star, is that I found that some of Kendra's chapters were a quite a bore. I found myself skipping to Seth's just to get on with the story. Perhaps I do not like Kendra as much as Seth because within all the Fablehaven books I enjoy Seth's character much more. I leave you, the reader, to decide for him/her self.

Before I finish this long review, I shall give some final advice:

1) Brandon Mull's humour will delight readers as usual
2) Skip Kendra scenes if they get too boring cause Seth's part will make up for them
3) "If all else fails," Newel counselled, "throw sand in their eyes and run." -page 398 Fablehaven 5 Keys to the Demon Prison

Enjoy and beware of the Society

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