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Blame it on the Alcohol: C-

Hey guys, what's up? Are your words s-s-sluring? If so, you can blame it on the alcohol. And yes, I am aware of how lame that sounds. Glee's Blame it on the Alcohol was one of the worst episodes of Glee in the entire 2 seasons. The storyline, over done. Dialogue, boring. And don't get me started with the poor song selection. This episode was so terrible that I almost got up and left but I decided to review it for you guys, and a special mention to Kurt Hummel.

So, if you happened to hate this episode too, then read on. 'Blame it on the Alcohol' had a poor promo. I did not expect much from this episode. Sadly, I got much less than what I expected.  The episode starts with Principal Figgins (I love that guy) confronts Will Shuester about the issue of underage drinking in the school. He blames it on the growing media that encourges drinking and telling him of 'Key-Dollar Sign-Ha' also known as Ke$ha. To make the issue lessen, he wants the Glee club to perfom a song that shows the danger of drinking. So far, the episode was okay. I laughed at Principal Figgins and when the random drunk kid shows up. Sadly, it took a downfall from here.

Meanwhile, Rachel is in the choir room while Puck walks in. He heard that Rachel's house was empty due to her two gay dads leaving for the weekend. Puck tries to convince Rachel to have a party by telling her to loosen up and have fun. Rachel decides against it leaving Puck angry as he leaves. Finn comes, and Rachel being the whiny brat she is, sings to him her own song called 'My Hairband' which sucked and recieved no laughs from me. As a side note, I think Rachel is way to desperate trying to impress Finn like that. Luckily Finn tells her the song is no good and she needs better inspiration.

Rachel somehow interprets this as having to have a party so she agrees to have a party for Glee club members only. Her party initially was terrible. She welcomes her guests wearing something that looks like a nightgown 2 sizes too big and with a giant smile on her face. Puck convinces her to break into her dad's liqour compartment, promising he will replenish it before her dads can find out. Reluctantly, she agrees after seeing her party is a fail. This is when the show really SUCKS. How many times have we seen the overused plot of the characters getting drunk. This was just for cheap laughs. Everyone gets drunk except Finn and Kurt (Finn won't allow himself too and Kurt wants to look good for Blaine). Rachel, even more desperate when drunk tries to get Finn to kiss her so he shows her all the types of drunks (again for cheap laughs). This part was terrible with Brittney stripping herself while Artie throws money.

As seen in the promos, Rachel and Blaine kiss while drunk. This questions Blaine's sexuality and they sing 'Don't you want me' (Badly). Blaine, still drunk, goes home with Kurt and he sleeps over (but with his clothes on). Burt catches them and shortly after has a talk with Kurt. It was rather boring and I fast-forward that part.

The next day, the glee club comes with a huge hangover which they supposdly cure with more alcohol. They sing 'Blame It on the Alcohol' but Will feels that the song actually promotes alcohol. This makes the glee kids, still hungover, to call Will a hypocrite saying that he drinks. Basically after that, Will and Coach Bieste sing together and get drunk. When Will goes home, he grades papers all A+ (YAY for drunk teachers) and then phones who he thinks is Emma telling him how much he wants her.

Later on, the Glee cast sings Tick Tock but it is ruined when Santana barfs on Brittney who then barfs on Rachel. This scares the school out of drinking. Sue, who got phoned instead of Emma, plays the whole message on the announcments embarrissing Will. The part where Becky plays the music was so funny! However, Principal Figgins think it was all rehearsed and applauds the Glee kids for their performance. Afterwards, the sweet Will makes all the kids sign a pledge to not drink.

To finish the show, Rachel kisses Blaine and he thanks her, telling Rachel that he is 100% gay. Overall, this show really sucked. I hated it and would not reccomend it to anyone. It makes no different to further episodes and felt like more of a filler episode. Rating C-

Songs sung this episode:

The Glee cast are drunk while they sing this song. The assignment was to sing a song that teaches students about the danger of alcohol. Not a bad song.
Rachel's original song about her favourite thing in the world, her hairband. It sucked but got some cheap laughs.
Rachel and Blaine, both very drunk, sing this song at Rachel's house party. I skipped the entire song.
Coach Bieste and Will Shuester sing this duet at a bar/club while they were both drunk. Yet another song I skipped.
Brittney has an amazing voice and this surprisingly was the only song I enjoyed throughout this whole episode. Brittney looked great and her voice beats Ke$ha's. During the song, Santana barfs all over Brittney prompting her to barf on Rachel. The whole school looks shocked and Brittney adds, 'Drink responsibily'. Hilarious.