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Avalon High by Meg Cabot: 5/5 STARS

I love romance and am a total geek for Medival history so you could not believe my reaction when I found out that Meg Cabot wrote a book with both these components and in our modern world. Avalon High is about a teenager named Elaine who has recently moved because her parents (history fantics) are writing a new book. Elaine is unlike regular girls. She spent the majority of her summer floating in her pool and stopping only for food. The reason for this unfolds deeper into the book. As school starts, Elaine finds herself falling head over heels (although she won't admit it) for quarter back, Will who is already taken by head cheeleader Jennifer.

This excellent story is a great modern day book on the King Arthur myth. Will the 'king' of the school and Jennifer his 'queen' can refer to King Arthur and Guineveire. But... doesn't Guinevere break Arthur's heart for falling in love with Lance? Speaking of Lance, doesn't Lady Elaine die from her sorrow that he does not return her affections? A classic love triangle but with a sweet and sappy ending that I can ensure will leave your heart fluttering. If only true love was like that for middle school.

Overall a light take on King Arther but nonetheless, an enjoyable one.

Edit: Movie was awesome and I liked the surprise ending and the different twists. It didn't exactly follow the book but in this instance, I loved it and not just because Greg Sullen is a TOTAL hunk!

'Avalon High' has an interesting concept. Instead of a regular sequel, there is a 3-part manga continuation. I have no interest in manga whatsoever so please do not expect a review on the continuation.

Excerpts from Avalon High

"Someone hot sometimes can't be the person they appear to be- except for their hotness... that cannot be denied. "
Meg Cabot (Avalon High)

'I learned that kings apparently don't sneak, they walk into fear with dignity ... until they see the man with the sword.'
Meg Cabot (Avalon High)