The Teen Reviewer


Well, I have been asked if I reviewed anything besides the media components. And that got me thinking. First I was going to start reviewing food and restaurants but honestly, who cares about that. In the end, it's our parents who care. So then I thought why not travel? I travel ALOT. I have been to so many places and cruises. Don't even ask how many, it would take FOREVER to list. If you know me, you know what I mean. Whenever I travel I buy jewelery there but I also review the place. I know your wondering, and if your not you should be, have you been on a cruise? Well I already mentioned it above but yes I have been on cruise. Actually, many cruises. My wish is that one day I could go on a cruise or any vacation with my friends. Last year I went to Montreal as a school trip with my best friend and we has a blast (except for when she ditched me at Starbucks). Sometimes I'll get her to do some writing cause I actually will admit that she MIGHT have been to some places I haven't been like Bangledesh. She was actually born there and even knows some insults in bangla. I'll review lots of places and upload pictures of my vacations too. If you have any requests, comments or concerns I have a specific Travel blog for you to comment on.

My favourite monuments:

~ Paris: Surprisingly not the Eifell Tower but the pyramid glass Louvre
~ London: The London Eye also known as the biggest ferris wheel
~ London: Stone Henge is a supposed 'natural' landmark but I think it was aliens