The Teen Reviewer

The Tomorrow Code 4.5/5 STARS

The Tomorrow Code was much more than I expected. I expected some science fiction novel about winning the lottery but then some time paradox occurs messing up time. Or some other mumbo-jumbo that involves a grandfather occurance* of some sort. *grandfather occurance means when by changing the past, the future is completly altered. It means that if you go back in time and kill your grandfather, then when you travel back to your time, you would not be born. 

This book completly successed my expectaions. It was about more than winning the lotto. It was about saving the world. Although it was a science fiction novel, I found the sci-fi a perfect amount. Just enough to satasify my Star Trek antics and not too much for me to throw the book out the window in frusturation. Rebecca and Tane, two seemingly normal teens think of the idea to create a transmitter that encryptes NASA messages from gama rays to get a message. The idea comes from Tane who belives that perhaps someone from the future is sending them messages. Well, they were. At first, it was a LOTTO number making the two, and Tane's older brother Fatboy (real name Harley), instant millionares. But then more instructions come instructing them to spend the money on an extravagent submarine and to use this submarine to stop some Chimera project. The kids follow the messages but do not fully realize what is at stake. Mankind. Soon enough though, people are dying. And fast. But what makes it mysterious is that they are dying of... mist? Witnesses are spotting apparent 'white snowmen' which are dissolving humans. But could this be the Chimera project? And is the future of the world really on the shoulders of 3 teens? 

    This book was great and the message within it was also worth learning. We must take care of our Earth. We live here and the Earth is not our home but more like it is OUR responsibility to take care of the Earth. In the book, it included that the Earth is more complex than we may think. Some think the earth is just like a big lump of rock that was conviently placed near the Sun to allow life. But what if it is more? Earth has many eco-systems in it. We have many complex organs. The Earth got global warming. We get fevers. Perhaps we are more similiar to the Earth than we may think. We have antibodies - correct? They get rid of infectious viruses that can harm us. Have we not hurt the Earth in more than one way. Pollution, killing trees etc. And if we ARE similiar to the Earth and if, in a way, we are a virus to the Earth, does Mother Nature have a way of curing itself? 

    This book had everything. Enough romance and jealousy to fill my teenage girl love and plenty of action and suspense. I felt myself shocked at so many parts, gasping in class and reading still at 1AM in a desperate attempt to finish the entire book. My only criticm was that some parts were a tad boring and complex that I had to skip pages. Other than that though, I have to applaud the author for a fantastic job. I have not reviewed books in quite some time although I felt the need to review this amazing book so others will feel compelled to read it as well.