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Beacon Street Girls Overview:

The Beacon Street Girls series is a refreshing and simple series consisting of 15 novels aimed at tween-teen girls. It follows the countlesss adventures of 5 girls, Isabella, Mauve, Katani, Charlotte and Avery otherwise known as the Club BSG. Each novel is relativly short, ranging from about 100-115 pages and has a very interesting plot. This will sound completly cliche, but the girls are just like real life teenagers. I am wondering if Annie Bryant, the author, is young herself. She perfectly captures the mindset of each girl and there different personalities. These girls do not do any heriocs or such but have interesting lives in middle school, being only 12-13 years old. The books focus on friendship, early crushes and growing up. Club BSG experiences the same problems most teenage girls do, heartbreak, annoying parents, first bra etc. They are quick and easy to read plus include some chat boxes and few illustrations. The official website is and I suggest you look at it for games, new books and other cool things.

BSG #12 Crush Alert: 5/5 STARS

The Valentine's Day dance is coming up, and the Beacon Street Girls all look forward to going.

Maeve especially wants everything to be perfect and romantic, and dreams of snagging the popular Dillon as her date. Avery, on the other hand, couldn't care less who she goes with - she only wants to hang out with the girls and have a good time. Charlotte knows that Nick Montoya will ask her, but he seems to be taking an awfully long time getting around to it, and now she's starting to worry...

Tension rises when all of Maeve's efforts to get Dillon's attention fail...and he seems to have eyes for Avery instead. Avery can't figure out what all the fuss is about, since she and Dillon are just good friends, after all.  I personally love this couple (even if they aren't an 'official' couple yet). Dillon and Avery love to play sports together and are best buddies on the field. Avery has lots of guy friends due to her tomboyish attitude but has she ever noticed a certain sports star taking a liking to her  And as Charlotte decides to take the reins herself and just ask Nick to the dance, she gets even more discouraged when she sees how much time he's spending with classmate Chelsea instead.

Isabel finds out that she may have to miss the dance altogether, due to a prior commitment to a Kevin, and, for all of Maeve's attempts to turn Dillon's head, she may be missing out on a potential romance that's just waiting for her to notice it. Have you read the other books yet?

A) 'Of course I have Sabrina! I have been  good person and went along and read the books before this one just like you wanted me too.' Why thank you reader for listening to my suggestion and reading the series. I hope you enjoyed it, of course you did, you listened to me! Now you get some interesting secrets... Do you remember Riley? The singer guy who is obbsesed with music? He seems to have a crush on a certain redhead girl. And can you honestly picture Chelsea and Nick? I mean, Chelsea is nice and all but she is to focused on her photography so fear not readers who enjoy Charlotte and Nick moments like me. For Isabella and Kevin, spoiler alert, they go to work at a charity... TOGETHER ON VALENTINES! This whole book is super cute and won't dissapoint regular fans.

B) 'No Sabrina, what book? What series? I didn't listen to your suggestion'. Shame on you. Jks! But come on, read this series! If you want to read this book with the most romance and humor in the whole series than start reading. Your library doesn't have the first book in time? Fine... start the series when ever you can at whatever point you wish. I strongly suggest reading it from an earlier book to see the character development and understand their feelings but it is your choice.

C) 'Sabrina, I just want to read a great book and not get pestered with all these questions. Is that too much to ask?' Yes, yes it is. But I would choose C) too cause I love to read but not my own author notes.

Like all books in this series, the most complicated situations turn out not to have the most picture-perfect solutions, but wind up being just as satisfying, proving that, although one might not always get what one wants, they can still be happy and satisfied with an unexpected outcome.

BSG #6 Lake Rescue: 4/5 STARS

I have a rule in my life. It is simple. It does not require much effort. Can you guess that rule? It is to love myself for me. I am sick of countless people promoting unhealthy anorexic girls to the public. Being anorexic is not cool, it is sickening. You could die from it. But you should not be overwieght either. In fact, obesity is on a rise in America. This book, although intended for ages 9-13, is a fantastic read.

Let me tell you why. It is about an obese and constantly teased girl named Chelsea Briggs (though she is called Chelsea 'Bigs' because of her size. She does not particpate in phsyical activity and is shocked to realize that she must attend the annual trip to Lake Rescue. Readers see in this book the difficulties that she encounters from wearing a boys coat to being last in a race. But her life takes a new course with some help from a fit counslor and her entire class realizes, size isn't everything.

An inspiring tale and a refreshing change from the usual format Beacon Sreet Girls use. I reccomend this book to anyone of all ages, even if someone reads it to you.

Katani's Jamacian Holiday: 1/5 STARS

Honestly, I found this book quite a bore. I had to force myself to finish it. It took me a while, not because of the length but because of the boredom I was experiencing. Perhaps this book wasn't for me and you might enjoy it but I wish I had not read it. Basically it is about Katani landing a trip to Jamacia to help her grandma's business. This book hardly even focused on that. It focused on boring family reunion and hanging in a boring pool. It was all so boring, boring and BORING (is the word boring starting to lose meaning). 

Usually the Beacon Street Girls books interest me and I enjoy them but this book, this terrible book, made me reconsider. I never thought the day would come when I HATED a book that is trying to describe a different place. Notice the key word, trying? I have personally been to Jamacia, Orcho Rios to be exact, and I loved it. When I noticed this book I thought it would put together Katani, my second favourite BSG and a great place together. But it didn't! The author described it so dully and overused phrase like 'No problem and Hey dude'. This book involved no other characters we know of except for a few lame attempts about how they would appreciate different things.  YAWN!

Read it if you enjoy dull and no-plot type of books. Have fun (sarcasm intended).