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Travel: Vancouver

Took this from the plane window
Vancouver, Canada
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Hello, today ‘The Teen Reviewer’ will take you on a fascinating journey to one of the Canada’s most amazing cities, the city that has the totem poles, parks and most of all, tourism. Of course, this could only be Vancouver! With its ancient bridges and majestic gardens, Vancouver is a place that all people can admire. Also known for it’s important role in the history of the Olympics, the one and only 2010 Winter Olympic games were held in Vancouver and brought so much gold to Canada! Canadians rule (and that is NOT biased)! Vancouver has SO many sights and attractions. You can see the Rocky Mountains, go skiing etc. Did you know that many movies were filmed there including Race to Witch Mountain? Keep your celebrity shades cause you never know when you’re in Vancouver! And if it is adventure your seeking, Vancouver has so many rope bridges and heights of danger that will surely give you a good fright!


The rest of the mall is underground!
What is a vacation without shopping sprees? Spending money on a bargain is apart of everyone’s holiday! Ladies and gentlemen get your wallets out because here in Vancouver, shopping is considered a main attraction! Check out the designer shops in British Colombia’s largest mall or go to an underground land of fun. Pacific Mall is the largest mall in Downtown Vancouver with over 200 shops and services. Both brand and bargain names are all here in this underground world. Don’t be fooled by it’s small appearance, this mall is grand and great! Recently, Pacific Mall has been renovated with a new food court with all your favourites as well as many new stores to fit everyone’s shopping expectations. From Aeropostale to Zellers they have shops from A-Z with a huge variety! Built in 1971, this amazing 3-floored mall will definitely be on your schedule! Being underground just got a whole lot more fun. While you are there be sure to check out the Hudson Bay Company otherwise shortened as the Bay, which is the very first Canadian shop coming from about two centuries ago during the popular Fur Trade. To get a true Canadian souvenir that will actually be of use, the Bay sells the multi-striped fur blankets, which were selling thousands of years ago to the First Nations people from the explorers to use as trading items. It is apart of Canadian history and just how awesome will you be when you come back with something that is PURE Canadian besides maple syrup? Pretty awesome I bet!! With 450 stores, the biggest mall in British Colombia is Metropolis in Metro town. It is a destination itself. With world-class restaurants, movie theatres, special events, and not to mention the best shopping you can find, Metropolis is a great attraction! There are even live performances from Cirque du Soleil, one of the most amazing circuses around. Watch a film, have a bite, browse in a brand name shop or just admire the beautiful works in the art gallery. One of its grandest features is the monolithic rocking horse. Other attractions include pop competitions and extraordinary sand sculpture displays. With a large variety of cuisines from all around the world and shops both familiar and unknown Metropolis has it all! Old or young, you are bound to love this shopping site. Are you looking for a genuine Canadian clothing brand? Roots Canada is a great shop for children, teenagers and adults. From 1973, this proud Canadian brand has some hip and styling clothes for all members of the family! If you want to know some of the top shops in Vancouver don’t hesitate to ask. I recommend Lush, M.A.C, Roots Canada, Aritzia and the Bay, Canada’s top brand names.  Shop, relax and enjoy besides it’s your vacation!

Grouse Mountain

The SCARY lift up, up, up!
One of the best ski and Snowboard Mountains around, Grouse Mountain has produced top athletes and gave confidence to the most reluctant people. So whether you are just starting or are all ready to qualify as a pro there are highly skilled instructors to get you where you want to go and help you along the way. There is also skiing and snowboarding lessons for our beginners depending on your age and abilities. Your skills are sure to improve and flourish on Grouse Mountain! One of the things Canada is known for is its cold weather so that is why it makes us the perfect place for some winter fun! Are you new on the board? Don’t worry because there are separate sections on the mountain ranging from the bunny hills to the intense expert levels! For those of us who are not interested in skiing or snowboarding there are still many fun attractions including snowshoeing, ice-skating, the Theatre in the Sky and even sleigh rides! Believe me, when I went to Vancouver I was practically dragged to Grouse Mountain and the first day, I was super reluctant to try so instead, I went on a sleigh ride across the site drinking hot chocolate. You should have seen my cousins’ faces. Priceless!  There is also a refugee for endangered wild life where you can see the grey wolf and grizzly bear habitats. You will be amazed at these remarkable creatures! Although many are unenthusiastic at first you are bound to love snowshoeing! Race a friend or just have a peaceful walk breathing in the mountain air; snowshoeing will become a fun hobby! If you are a dare devil you will not want to miss a chance to go on an actual zip line travelling at 80km per hour! Defy gravity and see a whole new perspective of Blue Grouse Lake region of the mountain! If you are between 32kg and 114kg then come try the zip line! So if you are a sports or non-sports person, Grouse Mountain will be a memorable experience! Make sure you bring your skates, warm clothing, proper footwear and equipment needed however you can rent sports equipment at the mountain.

Stanley Park

I got up close and touched the pole
The best place to go in Vancouver has to be Stanley Park. It is most likely the attraction many associate with Vancouver and for a good reason. Stanley Park is the largest park in all of Canada with its breathtaking beauty and popular sites. It is 1000 acres of nature and sights. There are totem poles, hanging gardens, beaches, pools and the outstanding Vancouver Aquarium. Think back thousands of years ago when the Aboriginals lived here. Each gorgeous totem pole is apart of Canadian history and it’s culture. Beautifully carved animals with bright, vibrant colours spark the eyes of many tourists. The animals on the totem poles each symbolize something special like the eagle symbolizes power. Our ancestors walked on this soil and left with us these astonishing monuments. There are two beaches in Stanley Park, Second and Third beach, both of which are kid friendly. Beware of nude beaches as they are common in Vancouver (don’t ask me why). If you are there just to relax, soak in one of the two swimming pools at your luxury. Among these attractions there is also golfing, tennis courts, rollerblading and the best views of the Rocky Mountains. Stanley Park is also home to many memorials and plaques honouring great people and accomplishments. The famous Vancouver Aquarium is also located in Stanley Park. Gaze upon tropical fish, pet the cute belugas or watch a show in 4D! You can also shop at the gift shop to buy a souvenier that will last a lifetime. You haven’t been to an aquarium if you haven’t been to the Vancouver aquarium. And at the end of your memorable experience, you can buy cool souvenirs like a ring that has fake dolphins in it that move!!! Stanley Park is also home to many eager venders and shops for you to choose from. You should spend at least a couple of hours in Stanley Park to truly experience Vancouver and also spend great time with your companions. If you have time, go to the Seawall for the greatest views of downtown Vancouver, English Bay and the North Shore Mountains.

You see these totem poles? When you go to Vancouver, you can go up close, touch them, get your picture next to them and do practically everything except climb them. If you look closely, you can see the articulate designs and colours of the poles and also each creative animal. These poles were made by the Natives and are truly pretty. You can have a picnic there too!
The coastline of Stanely Park had a magnificent view of the Rockys and the harbor. As you can see, in Stanley Park, there are more than just beaches. This picture was tooken on a rocky stone path with gorgeous gardens surronding.


A lovely site that even my brother liked!
If you have been to a Chinese garden you haven’t seen it all. Like a true Chinese garden, Dr.Sun’s Year-End Garden is based in the harmony of the four elements: rock, water, plants and architecture. All joined together creates a breathtaking sight with a balance of yin and yang. Take a relaxing and peaceful stroll in the garden and admire the beautiful flowers and plants that together, harmonize, making the contrast work perfectly. You will be flabbergasted and amazed. It is a garden full of good luck to all who enters. The garden is a photographer’s delight! With water walkways leading from pavilion to pavilion among the lush vegetation and natural rock statues you will never want to leave this paradise. Everyone, even the youngest of people appreciates and admires Dr.Sun’s Garden. Before leaving, step into the gift shop and purchase a unique treasure to keep the memory of this gorgeous garden alive! Bring your camera and capture the magic of Dr.Sun’s Year-End Classical Chinese Garden. 

Everything Else!

A picture of Second Beach (or at least the less populated part).
If you are planning to go to Vancouver, you don’t need to stay in a 5-star hotel. You will be having so much fun that you will only spend nights and probably mornings in the hotel. If you can, get a hotel that is close to one of the sights you want to see. I suggest a Bed and Breakfast hotel because they honestly rock! To travel in Vancouver you have many options. You can ride a taxi, take a ferry or do the quickest and simplest way: take the subway. If you want a tour of Vancouver, ask your hotel manager who will recommend one close to you. As always, bring your camera, binoculars, maps, I.D and most importantly, your sense of adventure. Enjoy your time in Vancouver. Bye!

Hope you like Vancouver like I did
~ The Teen Reviewer ;)