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A Night of Neglect: B+

A Night of Neglect was an average, good show. It had a better-than-decent plot, great character development however the song selection was lacking.  A Night Of Neglect is basically about the Glee club needing funding for their trip to Nationals and also funding for the School Decathlon which consists of Artie, Tina, Mike and even Brittany. Guest stars include Charice as Sunshine and once again, our favourite character Holly Holliday returns. I enjoyed the plot of the episode but I disliked the songs. Also, Sue's league of evil was amusing.

The episode starts off with Mr.Shue explaining to the kids that they need to earn money to get to Nationals by selling ... SALT WATER TAFFY, for 25cents a piece. Good luck earning enough money from that! The idea is turned down though considering the kids complain that they cannot possibly sell that much taffy since their popularity is still quite low. The complains cause Mike Chang to snap and reveal that him, Tina, Artie and Brittany are apart of the Academic Decatholan TV show, "Smarty Pants" but they can't attend because they can't fund it. When asked if their parents could fund it, Tina replies saying that they shouldn't have too because it is a school club. Tina is right, the school should fund their club as well as the Glee club. If you were wondering, Brittany is apart of the Decatholan after being bribed by Dots because their other member dropped out. Surprisingly, Brittany is quite knowledgable in the random topics such as 'Cat Diseases'. I enjoyed this part of the episode.

On the Sue side of the episode, she forms her own group called, 'The League of Doom' whose sole purpose is to destroy the Glee club. She recruits Sandy, Dustin and Terry who each have their own reason to destroy either the Glee club or Will Shuester. I laughed so hard at the codenames: Pink Dagger, Sergeant Handsome and the Honey Badger.

At Will's home, him and Holly are dicussing fundraiser ideas but Will's taffy idea is shut down completley by Holly who blames his ex-wife, Terry for Will's crushed dreams. She brings up the idea of having a benifit concert so the Glee kids could earn money AND practice for Nationals at the same time. The theme is 'Night of Neglect' featuring songs done only by neglected artists. The Glee club loves the idea as opposed to the salt taffy.

Hear comes the League of Doom! After Sue hears about the 'Night of Neglect', she gives her first missions. Sargeant Handsome (Dustin) has to break-up Will and Holly to destroy his spirit while Pink Dagger (Sandy) has to heckle the kids on their concert night making them quit in order to destroy the Glee club's spirits. Very evil Sue. This is the Sue we have been missing, the funny yet evil coach who hates Will Shuester. We also get introduced to The Heckling Club (Jacob, Becky and Azimio) who were recruited by Sandy under Sue's orders. Their purpose is to crush the Glee club's spirits at their 'Night of Neglect'. 

Are you wondering about the perfomances yet? No, well then I guess your not a Gleek. For those of you who answered, YES, I'm not going to tell you. Just Kidding! Tina chooses to sing a song by Lykke Li, Mike decides to do a dance number (considering he can't sing) and Mercedes is determined to sing the closing number to a number by Aretha Franklin. So far the selections seem to fit the criteria and are a good variety. But then comes Rachel the brat. She wants to sing Celine Dion's, My Heart Will Go On as the closing number saying that Celine is not neglected but she (Rachel) is. Spoiled diva!

Before things could go out of hand between Rachel and Mercedes, the sun comes out. More like, Sunshine comes back requesting to sing at the 'Night of Neglect'. At first, the Glee Club accuses her of spying but after she mentions that her 600 followers could attend (bringing in lots of money), the let her perform All by Myself. Rachel is furious that Sunshine can perform (jealous) so she tells Mercedes that, 'I hope your happy having the less glamourous middle slot' to which Mercedes agrees to hesitantly. This causes Lauran to have a conversation with Mercedes telling her that she has to demand for respect and that she cannot be walked all over. The deal ends up being is that Lauran will be Mercedes manager in exchange for a 10% cut of whatever they can ask for. This part of the episode was done perfectly. I loved how Mercedes and Lauran become friends and not let Rachel Berry tell them what to do.

For all you Will and Emma lovers, here is the scene many have been waiting for. Sorry, no kiss. But bonding time! Emma's OCD has taken an all-time high with her cleaning each indivisual grape. Will, as a friend, joins her and the exchange is witnessed by a jealous Holly who had planned to have a lunch date with Will. I felt sorry for Holly but at the same time, respected that she would not barge and interfere with Emma and Will.

Ready for diva Mercedes? To get some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, she demands to have the following things: a barrel of M&Ms, a room of humidifiers and even a small dog to wipe her hands on. Rachel understands that stars make ridiculous demands to feel respected and she takes it upon herself to meet them.

Back to the missions, Sergeant Handsome flirts with Holly while also making fun of Will only for him to be busted by none other than Will Shuester. The relationship between Will and Holly is unravaling as the two fight over jealousies and then Holly refuses to rehearse their duet for the benifit, instead deciding to do her own solo.

And ready for a new demand? After Rachel saw to it that all the demands were followed out, Mercedes decided to have a fun one inspired by Lady Gaga. To be carried in on stage. Ridiculous - right?!

Fast-forward to the benifit. Kurt shows Blaine around the school only to be confronted by Karofsky. After insults were thrown around, Santana comes to the rescue and stops the fight. But don't mess with Santana. When Karofosky pushed her last button, Santana completly lashed out on him causing him to leave the fight. The happy moment is short-lived though since Sunshine cancelled on them, also cancelling their 600 audience members. With only 6 people in the audience, does the Glee club quit? NO! The show must go on and first up is... Tina singing 'I follow the river' only to be heckled off stage in tears. Mike than dances to 'Bubble Toes' and the saltwater taffy luckily keeps the hecklers quiet. Meanwhile, Mercedes leaves the show and Holly sets out to make the Hecklers learn about the impact they made on the group. This just causes the few auidence members to leave.

Rachel confronts Mercedes about leaving the show but Mercedes breaks down. She asks Rachel why she always gets the best solos and the leads when Mercedes is equally talented. Rachel was able to convince Mercedes to go take the spotlight and the two hug. I love their friendship. The 2 divas rarely get along but when they do, it is heartwarming. After Holly performs, Mercedes goes on the stage and amazes everyone with her song, "Ain't No Way" which becomes the closing number. Sandy, so moved by Mercedes number, decides to fund the Glee Club and Decatholon team using his drug money (which is money well used).

The episode ends with Holly leaving Will and the Brainacs winning the Decatholon team. Overall, a great show that was well worth my time. I enjoyed Mercedes diva style as well as her approaching Rachel. The League of Doom was hilarious and Sunshine was not as bad as I once thought. Rating: B+

Songs sung in this episode:

Although I still dislike her character (and Charice for that matter), I can't help but admit that she is an amazing singer and is MUCH better than Rachel.
I hate it when Tina's solos get interupeted (like when she broke down crying in her valentine song). Tina's "I follow the River" got crushed and although I felt bad for Tina, it was a hilarious scene.
The song 'Bubble Toes' is sung by Jack Johnson but Mike Change did his dance to it. Amazing, other Asian ;)
Gwenth is an amazing singer but I just wasn't feeling this song. I guess they weren't kidding when they said neglected artists.
Amazing show-stopper. Rachel Berry CANNOT top this. The house has been brought down. Hard.