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The Missing by Margaret Peterson Haddix Overview

This is an exilerating science fiction tale that leaves readers on the edge of their seat wanting more. It is about an incident that happened 13 years ago. What happened was that one day, Angelia Dupree was leading a normal life until she saw it. The plane. When you work at an airplane line then seeing an airplane should come as normal. But this one was off the radar charts and was unidentified. If that isn't wierd, then consider that the only people pon board were 36 babies. Absolutley NO adults whatsoever. Flash forward 13 years later and Jonah and Chip, 2 adopted friends are having a regular life. Tests, girlfriends, bullies and annoying siblings. One day though, Jonah recieves a letter will only 6 words. You are one of the missing. When Chip recieves the same note and so do 34 other 13-year-old children, what will happen? Why are the FBI involved with the adoptions? In this novel you will have humour, suspence and TIME - TRAVEL! Follow Jonah, Chip and Katherine,Jonah's younger sister, as they race to find their true identities and stop the kidnapping of 36 kids. I was overall satasfied with this book. It kept me reading and double reading. Although some sci-fiction parts were hard to understand, it all makes sence in the end, you just have to wait. There are 7 books in the series in total. The first book was titled 'Found'. It is followed by Sent. I have also read this book. Following Jonah, Chip, Katherine and new character, Alex, as they fight for their lives in the 14th century. The question we all ask is 'Who is Jonah?'. Keep reading!  

Sent (The Missing #2): 4/5 STARS

YAY! *insert girly screaming and jumping* Jonah, Chip and Katherine are back agian for another epic tale. Haddix fails to dissapoint previous readers. Readers get back to the cliff hanger at the last book to find the Chip and Alex, another boy, actually are SO important to time. They are ROYALTY! And royalty in the 15th century isn't that good. This book has suspence, action and most of all HUMOUR! I laughed out loud in class so many times like when Katherine starts rambling about boyfriends... JUST READ IT!

A fast-moving, conspiracy-filled plot made Book 1 of this series - Found - a page-turner. Unfortunately, 99% of Sent takes place in the 1480s where the action moves rather more slowly. Yes, there is a bit of political intrigue, the danger of being discovered, and of course the worry that one will affect time adversely. However, it never feels like the kids are in any real danger and thus this reads like a slightly more intense installment of the Magic Tree House series. This is probably due to the fact that the time-traveling adult who is helping, JB, can not only communicate with them but can actually pull them "out of time" when he needs to give them facts or equipment. Speaking of equipment, they have a handy-dandy device called an Elucidator that not only translates the Middle English speech all around them, but can make them invisible. This major cop-out took away a lot of the danger and suspense.
Serious part OVER! I still loved the big book. You see, Chip is recruited as a prince. He can't see or hear Jonah unless Jonah pulls him away from 'himself' but the issue is that he is a prince and WANTS to be a prince. Being a prince does seem like a great thing but not for the century. And for Katherine? She is actually acting older for her age. However her cheerleading antics do come out and when they do ...

Warning: You will HAVE to read the 3rd book Sabatoged and although it is published, no one has it quite yet. I live in Canada which will make the situation harder. But don't let this fail you. The book is great but you will want to know what happens next and also a question I need answered, 'Who is Jonah?'