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Hey readers and people who enjoy apple pie,

I'm your host, The Teen Reviewer here to say sorry for the EXTREMLY long wait. All teachers do now a days is give homework. It's like they can't realize that us students have something called, lives. Anyways, it's been a work overload since my teachers decided that us kids were slacking off. But, I'm back now and don't worry, I have LOTS to share.

First of all, my '13 Reasons Why' book review has now been posted under the 'Books' tab. You guys have to read that book and a shout-out to Faria for recommending it to me.

Now, for the question (dun-dun-DUN)! What is your favourite ship? Many of you may be thinking, what the heck is a ship? Like a cruise ship? NO! A ship is a pairing between two characters that people support. Like percabeth is the ship between Percy and Annabeth in the Percy Jackson series. So I would like to know, what is your favourite ship. It can be from a movie, a television show or a book. My favourite ship is Fabrevans from Glee. That is the pairing between Sam and Quinn also known as Barbie and Ken! They just look SO cute together. I know that certain people would disagree, considering they ship Quick (Quinn and Puck) but my opinion cannot be changed.

What about you?
Hey guys, long time no post - eh (my inner Canadian is coming out)! Sorry about that but with the March Break and whatnot I have been really busy. Teachers don't realize that when we come back from vacation, we don't want piles and piles of homework. Before I go on, your all probably wondering, what did the fabulous Sabrina do on her vacation? Well, tomorrow I will make a Travel post on my blog but for now, let's just say that my cruise rocked!

First of all, I have BIG NEWS!  Thanks for all my fabulous comments and page views. In the last week I had over 147 views! just sent me an email congratulating me for my success and in a month, my website might become an official domain that could be found on 'Google'! If I become an internet star (you never know), I'll be sure to include you guys somehow! Thanks again.

We all have that favourite movie that we cannot stop watching. Mine is 'The Blind Side' starring Sandra Bulluk. It is a movie about an African American high school boy who has a neglective mother and basically no proper home or education. He lives where ever it is warm and eats anything people throw away. When a rich mother (Sandra Bulluk) sees this child, she pities him and welcomes him to the family. Through her and the rest of the family, Michael (the boy) gets properly educated and learns he is a great football player. Not great. Fantastic. So fantastic, universities and colleges all want him to play for them. This movie was inspiring and heart-warming. A truly great film.

What about your favourite movie?

Now, I am going to respond to your comments:

@Kurt Hummel: No problem, expect more Glee reviews soon. I did like the original songs. I really liked the 'Loser Like Me' sung by all of them and I laughed so hard when Santana sang about Sam's lips. I like Bulletproof too, it's so catchy but her red hair is super scary. My friends and I also like the Harry Potter Literal videos.

@Paulina: Yay, another Fablehaven fan! Did you know that Brandon Mull wrote another series called the Beyonders. I just saw it at Chapters today. This series is also in the same setting but with new characters. I suggest you read it. 'Song for Paula' seems like a great read and is in Canada (I live there). If you are interested, would you like to review Legacy for us? I would give you full credit of course. Thanks for your review. Your my first reviewer from Mexico! I'm sure you eat deep-fried ice-cream all the time (Check out my travel blog under the 'Travel' tab). According to my account, you are from Monterry? How is that?

@Faria: I know, it's been a while. I love Taylor Swift too!

@JuicyGurl: Shawn Desman rocks! I love his hit songs and since I am Canadian, I know who he is. My mom actually got to see him perform live at some pharmacy convention. Stereos is an awesome band. I love Summer Girl. Have you heard of the song, Cross my heart? It has a similiar vibe to it.

@RoxyLUVEsoup: Pink is an amazing artist and that is a great CLEAN version of the song. My favourite song by her is, 'Raise Your Glass' or 'So What'

@Curious Sofa: A 7-minute jog? That must be pure torture. I hate the beep-test and the KM run but we only do that 2 or 3 times a year. Interesting song selection. These artists are unfamiliar to me but after I heard there songs, I loved Kalimba. Even though there were no words, the music was great and the video was cool.

@Juneberry100: You were my first reviewer so pat yourself on your back. You rock girl! I love B.O.B too and all those songs you listed are so catchy, no wonder you love them.

@Nobody: LOL, something like that happened to me but I was in the lunch room so of course my juice spilt all over me.

Thanks everyone for reviewing and if I forget to respond to your post, I am so sorry. Just comment me a reminder! Be sure to check out my Glee 'Blame It on the Alcohol' review located under the Glee tab under TV.

Oh, and sorry that this post is incredibly long.
Hi people of the web,

I am SO interested in what's your favourite song. And I am not lying here guys! I have an Itunes gift-card ready to be spent and it is been waiting here for MONTHS practically crying, 'Sabrina... use me'. So what's your favoruite song and whose the artist. You can have more than one (believe me, I do!). And if it changes every week like mine, you can post multiple times. I'll choose the ones I think fit my style best and I will post what I bought. If you are interested, I like pop songs and some R&B like 'If we ever meet again'.

My top 3 songs:

My number one song is Lady Gaga Alejandro. Strange video I must say but the song is so catchy and I have found myself humming it in the science lab numerous times causing some raised eyebrows. I love Gaga and this is one of her best songs. Just a fantastic song that I have loved since I first heard it in London, England of Summer 2010. As a side note, anyone see the Maria 10-year-old sensation singing on stage beside Lady Gaga. I think it was SUPER nice of Gaga to do that for her but that still doesn't excuse Lady Gaga from showing up nearly an hour late.
Jason Durelo is an amazing artist. He started his career writing songs for people like Ne-yo (he wrote the hit 'Closer') but then decided to make his own songs. I fell in love with 'Whatcha Say', was belting out the tunes of 'Ridin' Solo' and then I heard this song and wanted to kiss Jason (just an expression guys)!
Many will argue with me and tell me that this is not Jason Mraz's best song but in my opinion, it is. That's why it made the Top 3 list! Don't get me wrong, I love mellow and laid-back Jason but this serious takeover makes the perfect romance song especially with Colbie's soft and sweet harmonzing voice.

So get commenting my little monsters (I totally stole that from Lady Gaga)
Below is a Youtube video of the 'Single Ladies Devestation'. These guys were so funny and cute that they won best viral video at the People's Choice Awards. What happened is this cute kid was singing the 'Single Ladies' song and then his dad told him that he couldn't be a single lady and then... watch the video!  
I am interested in what is your favourite video or thing is. You don't need to include a Youtube link but just describe the funniest thing you have ever seen or heard! It could be a midget getting hit by a snowball. Believe me, I have seen this happen. There was these kids having a snowball fight and this short kid got caught off guard and got smacked with a snowball causing him to roll down the hill. He was fine but it was FUNNY! 

 As always comments are greatly welcome.
Hey fellow readers, the Teen Reviewer here! I am dying (not literally of course) to know what is YOUR favourite book. It doesn't matter if it is horror, fantasy, non-fiction etc. I won't mind if it is a children book or YA (Young Adult) or adult novel. I won't even lash out at my computer if your favourite book happens to be published and written before any of us were even born. Ney, I am only interested in what book is your 'don't even think about bothering me when I am reading this'  book. You can give me more than one (cause I know it is a hard choice), a summary and your reccomendation or simply the title. Just share your favourite so we can all know.

If you were wondering, my favourite series was the Fablehaven or Gallagher Girls series. I also enjoyed Heist Society, written by Ally Carter. For my complete reviews, please check the tabs on my 'Book' component.
Hello my fellow gleeks, I REALLY want to know ... what is your favourite glee song? Episode? I really don't have a favourite glee song. Honestly, I have about 3. But don't even get me started on my friend who is an OBBSESSED gleek but I applaud her that she is trying to lose her obbsession. And I don't mean a little obbsessed but full. Her room has posters of Glee and Cory Monteith and she has a Glee calander. Her ipod is full of Glee songs and she has all their CD's. She NEVER misses a show and is still wanting the DVDs. My friend is IN love with Cory Monteith (Finn) and she even dreams about him. I mean he is cute but Cory is 26 and my friend is only 13. Not to mention that he is 6ft something and she is barely 5ft. Anyways, my top 3 songs are ...

1) 4 minutes to save the world
2) Time of our life
3) Gives you hell

Tell me yours!
First Post! 12/20/2010
Hey people, got anything to ask me? I am going to watch Burlesque soon so check back in about a week for a review. Anything you guys are seeing? Let me know!