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Hello humans of the world (and aliens too)

It's been way too long, hasn't it? I feel we are in due for another TRAVEL BLOG! And obviously you do too, why else would you be on this portion of the site. I am interested in how your March Break was? Did you spend it at some exotic resort, perhaps you went skiing, found new love, read an amazing book or slept in until Monday. Whatever you did, please share below!
Hello people of the world (and beyond)...

Here's for a NEW post! It's been a while hasn't it? Now, this blog is all about ... CRUISING! Who knows what a cruise is? Okay, that was a stupid question. Anyways, I was hoping that if any of you have ever been a cruise, you'll share your stories. What's your favourite? What was it like? How was the food? etc. And if you haven't been on a cruise (cue dramatic gasps) then why don't you tell us about what sort of cruise you would like to go on. Caribbean? European? A cruise in Antartica.

My favourite cruise was most definetly was the Adventure of the Seas which was a ROual Caribbean cruise in the Voyager class. I just noticed that I hadn't reviewed ANY cruises so expect some travel CRUISE reviews real soon guys. For now, I'll give you the jist on why this cruise was so fantabulous! Well, first of all the Adventure of the Seas has a promenade which is exclusive to Voyager class ships. This means that they basically had 2 whole decks devoted to SHOPPING! Awesome - right?  They have many stores for you to shop and window shop in plus they also have daily sales!  In the middle of the cruise they will have their $10 dollar sale when most items only cost $10! There was also a Ben and Jerrys store for me to indulge in and belive me, I did.

I also frequently went to Feul, the all teen lounge. Feul is amazing because they have the chance to either do an activity or just relax. The area has our own non-alcoholic bar,   The lounge also has competions like rock-climbing and ping-pong. I went to Feul and I really liked it. We could go in the talent show and at night, the hot tubs are reserved for teens only. At the end of the cruise, there is a teen-only party. The shows were fantastic, food on board was fast and delish (like the on-board Johnny Rockets) and they had so many cool activites to do like roller blading or ice-skating! Overall, a great cruise.

This is getting lengthy, sorry, my bad ;) Below are some pics!!!
I took this in Antigua on top of a mountain! As you can see, the ship was docked at the port. Sometimes it wasn't but instead, it was anchored in the middle of the water!!! We had to use mini boats to get to the island because other ships took all the room.
This is a picture I took in 'Feul' the teen lounge. As you can see, their was a disco area. At night it would light up and the room you see behind the pole is the disco area. Everyone could take turns being the DJ and sometimes, they even did karioke!
Before I leave you to reply, I would like to tell FARIA and KURT HUMMEL that I am currently finishing both the VENICE and the VANCOUVER review!

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Exotic Food 02/14/2011
For those of us who travel frequently, we often indulge in a new cuisine. I have been to many places and tried their food and some are ridiculous while others look down right weird. But anywhere you go you MUST have tried at least some local or interesting food (unless your like my brother who would only eat McDonalds ANYWHERE we went!

The coolest local food I have ever tried is deep-fried ice-cream. Now you are probably thinking, deep fried ice-cream? She must be bonkers! Well I am most certainly NOT! Deep-fried ice-cream originates from Asia and Mexico and is a common delicacy. I had this yummy treat on my Mexican cruise this past March and I can still remember myself savouring each bite. Is it high in calories? Yup! Is there lots of fat? You bet! But a treat every here and there won't hurt us and if we eat it once or twice in a lifetime, it will be worth it! Believe me, I was unsure at first but now I am craving one of those suckers. Deep-fried ice-cream is vanilla ice-cream coated with a crunchy outer layer of either oatmeal or cornflakes. The ice-cream stays cold and creamy on the inside while the outside is hot and crunchy like a cookie. The texture and taste is so perfect!
Mmm.. there it is and as you can see, they have put whipped cream and a cherry on top. The ice-cream inside is slowly melting but the outler layer is keeping it in tact.
To make your own 'Deep-fried Ice-cream' go to this website ...

I would love to hear about your favourite food and so would others. Comment! Comment! Comment!
Hey guys,

This is my new blog. It is all about travel (no duh). So I want to know - do you want me to review this component.I know for a definate that I am going to review Paris and possibly Venice but is there other places of interest?

Now to answer my own question, my favourite vacation spot has to be London. I just love the scenery,  the cuisine, culture and of course the cute British accents ;) London has so much to see and I have been there so many times. I have family there but honestly I hate seeing family on vacation when I could better my time sightseeing.  One of the coolest things that you simply must see in London is an obvious one, the Buckingham palace. I won't go in-deph here cause I want to write a review on London, England later but I will say that it is a magnificent sight and if you manage to make a soldier smile or even get the sides of his lips to turn up, mission accomplished!

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No matter what I did he wouldn't smile


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