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Hey people, got anything to ask me? I am going to watch Burlesque soon so check back in about a week for a review. Anything you guys are seeing? Let me know!


12/20/2010 17:02

Hi The Teen Reviewer,
I like your current reviews alot. Can you tell us how the Percy Jackson movie was? I didn't watch it yet. Since this is a new website, I get that you didn't update yet.

12/20/2010 21:46

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my site! I did read 1 and 2 of the Gallagher girls series...and loved it! Can't wait to get my hands on the third. I love the missing series as of my favs. I can't wait for Torn book four! I currently have a book blog where I review books, check it out if your interested! Thanks again!

-Lulu :)

12/21/2010 18:50


And @Juneberry100 the movie was okay. It didn't really follow the plot (they went in search for 3 pearls!, Annabeth is a brunette, they are teens, etc.) but it was ok. But as we all know, the books are better! If u haven't read the book, read it! Oh but one good thing about the movie is the guy who plays Percy... total cutie!!!

Faria (again)
12/21/2010 18:52

AND u love the Percy Jackson series cuz of me... I introduced glee and percy jackson to you! face it!! I am amazzziinngg :P lol!

Author of the Website
12/24/2010 12:01

Hey guys,

Yes, it's true. Faria DID introduce me to Glee and Percy Jackson. But I introduced her to Fablehaven which she still HASN'T read!!!

@Lulu, great blog and site.

Faria (or Her Friend)
02/03/2011 17:18

Haha Fablehaven seems weird! It's that fairy series right? No thanks! Haha u should review the Clique series and write about how mean Massie is! GO KRISTEN!!!

Jay Jay
02/15/2011 13:06

C'mon, Faria. Alicia is 74 times better than poor (literally!) Kristen who has to go to OCD on a scholarship. Have you ever noticed that OCD (Octavian Country Day School) has the same initials as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)? Weird!

02/15/2011 13:14

JayJay! Alicia is such a snobby meany! But not as bad as MASSIE. Stands for
M- Mean
A- Annoying
S- Snobby
S- Spoiled
I- Inchworm who is
E- Evil!!!
And Kristen is middle class. Of course to Massie, that is obv. poor! And yeah, they talked about that in the Prequel :P

02/22/2011 05:48

Hi Sabrina,
I stumbled upon your website because I saw one of your answers on Yahoo Answers Travel. I just wanted to tell you that you are extremely articulate for your age and you do an awesome job. I thought I was reading something for a 50 year old and was shocked when i got the end that you were only 13. I also traveled the world by 13, and now at 25 I'm still doing it- going to Peru in 3 months! Travel is amazing, never stop doing it, and keep writing, maybe you can be the next Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel! :)

Author of the Website
02/22/2011 13:12

Hi Kim,
Thank you so much. That is so cool, your family loved to travel too! Really? I love to travel and I suppose that if I persue my hobby I can continue when I get older. I hope you have lots of fun in Peru. This March Break I am embarking on a 7 day cruise to places in the Carribbean like Aruba and such. I love Samantha Brown and I am honoured to be compared to her.

Thanks again, the Teen Reviewer :)

02/22/2011 16:06

Samantha Brown, to myself, is a not as eccentric as I'd like a travel guide to be. However, Anthony Bourdain! - totally another story. Cynicism makes the world go round - occasionally.

02/22/2011 20:00

Yes, I love Bourdain as well!

That cruise will be awesome, I love the Caribbean

Jay Jay
02/23/2011 15:33

Look at all these adults, Sabrina! *cue ditzy voice* You are, like, so totally popular! *Now back to our regular programming* Hehehe. 1. Keep going with the site, girl! It's amazingly...amazing. 2. When are you gonna review Burlesque? I'm thinking about watching it, but I trust that your review will help me make up my mind.

The Curious Sofa
02/24/2011 16:12

Adults? I'm hardly an adult.

Author of the Site
02/24/2011 18:54

@The Curious Sofa, I believe your high vocabulary made Jay Jay think that you were in fact an adult. But also it could have been the fact that Kim mentioned that she was 25 years old so Jay Jay just assumed :)

02/25/2011 12:02

Hey Sabrina, I can't comment on your Vancouver post in your travel section, so I'll write it here! Thanks so much for the review! I am so excited for Vancouver now! I want to go zip-lining :D!!! I will definitely tell my parents about these places so we can go there... but my grandparents might go with us... great. Old people shopping underground?! NOT A GOOD MIX :'(

03/25/2011 12:07


04/19/2011 14:02

hey, pretty good site you got here. I was just wondering if you could review White Chicks.
Its a hilarious movie, so dont have a full bladder before watching it :P


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