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Hi people of the web,

I am SO interested in what's your favourite song. And I am not lying here guys! I have an Itunes gift-card ready to be spent and it is been waiting here for MONTHS practically crying, 'Sabrina... use me'. So what's your favoruite song and whose the artist. You can have more than one (believe me, I do!). And if it changes every week like mine, you can post multiple times. I'll choose the ones I think fit my style best and I will post what I bought. If you are interested, I like pop songs and some R&B like 'If we ever meet again'.

My top 3 songs:

My number one song is Lady Gaga Alejandro. Strange video I must say but the song is so catchy and I have found myself humming it in the science lab numerous times causing some raised eyebrows. I love Gaga and this is one of her best songs. Just a fantastic song that I have loved since I first heard it in London, England of Summer 2010. As a side note, anyone see the Maria 10-year-old sensation singing on stage beside Lady Gaga. I think it was SUPER nice of Gaga to do that for her but that still doesn't excuse Lady Gaga from showing up nearly an hour late.
Jason Durelo is an amazing artist. He started his career writing songs for people like Ne-yo (he wrote the hit 'Closer') but then decided to make his own songs. I fell in love with 'Whatcha Say', was belting out the tunes of 'Ridin' Solo' and then I heard this song and wanted to kiss Jason (just an expression guys)!
Many will argue with me and tell me that this is not Jason Mraz's best song but in my opinion, it is. That's why it made the Top 3 list! Don't get me wrong, I love mellow and laid-back Jason but this serious takeover makes the perfect romance song especially with Colbie's soft and sweet harmonzing voice.

So get commenting my little monsters (I totally stole that from Lady Gaga)
3/4/2011 09:37:35 am

My credit cards cry too when they get confiscated by my parents! My top 3 songs are "Nothin on you", "Airplanes" and "Bottoms Up". Weird, I know. A girly girl like me liking rap songs but I just love them!

The Curious Sofa
3/5/2011 12:11:28 am

Credit cards? Gift cards? Honestly, don't we have the internet everywhere we go nowadays. I'm sure, Sabrina, that you previously thought that I was going completely song-less, but here's the thing: I need some sort of tune to keep me going through the seven min. jog in P.E. So far my favorite songs have been 'On the Radio' by Regina Spektor, 'Psychobabble' by Frou Frou,'Snap Goes the Gator Jaw' by Ponce De Leon, and 'Kalimba' by Mr. Scruff.

3/5/2011 07:06:19 am

My fave song is prob f***in perfect by pink! i wuv her! ;)

Juicy Girl
3/5/2011 07:13:38 am

My favorite song is electric and night like this by shawn desman. he's canadan. i also like summer girl by stereos, theyre from canada 2! have you heard of them?

3/5/2011 10:01:08 pm

Hey Sabrina :) U haven't posted in a long time! Can u do a quick review on NYC just about what places u HAVE to visit? I'm going next Saturday and I don't know what to do! Or email me! :) And my 3 favourite songs... not-Glee of course... hmmmm... "Back To December" by Taylor Swift, "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry and "Ignorance" by Paramore :) LOL look at the genres! Country, pop and then rock! I guess I love variety :P

Author of the Site
3/24/2011 08:17:32 am

Blame it on the Alcohol review has just been published. Check it out under the Glee tab located under the TV tab.

Kurt Hummel
3/24/2011 10:38:18 am

Thanks so much for the special mention in your Glee review. I hate that episode too. I was wondering, did you like the original songs glee sang? I loved them.

My top songs are 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' and 'Bulletproof'

4/19/2011 07:07:52 am

i love all those songs too!! especially jason derulo 's (every frickin one of them!!)


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