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Hey readers and people who enjoy apple pie,

I'm your host, The Teen Reviewer here to say sorry for the EXTREMLY long wait. All teachers do now a days is give homework. It's like they can't realize that us students have something called, lives. Anyways, it's been a work overload since my teachers decided that us kids were slacking off. But, I'm back now and don't worry, I have LOTS to share.

First of all, my '13 Reasons Why' book review has now been posted under the 'Books' tab. You guys have to read that book and a shout-out to Faria for recommending it to me.

Now, for the question (dun-dun-DUN)! What is your favourite ship? Many of you may be thinking, what the heck is a ship? Like a cruise ship? NO! A ship is a pairing between two characters that people support. Like percabeth is the ship between Percy and Annabeth in the Percy Jackson series. So I would like to know, what is your favourite ship. It can be from a movie, a television show or a book. My favourite ship is Fabrevans from Glee. That is the pairing between Sam and Quinn also known as Barbie and Ken! They just look SO cute together. I know that certain people would disagree, considering they ship Quick (Quinn and Puck) but my opinion cannot be changed.

What about you?
5/9/2011 03:21:14 am

Lyk, you havent updated this site in 4EVR! But i get it, skool is sucky. My favorite ship is team werewolf. i love bella and jacob 2gether. would u ever review twilight?

Kurt Hummel
5/10/2011 06:29:37 am

Thank you so much for reviewing all those Glee episodes. I agree but can you please review Venice. My favourite ship is Klaine (Kurt and Blaine). Quam is good too.

5/14/2011 12:18:31 pm

Review Twilight? *Hysterically laughs like a senile man off his rocker.*

My ship, um, I've never had a male-female ship/pairing thing/craze; but, I do like Dorian Gray and Lord Henry Wotton. Yes, I am a heterosexual.

5/15/2011 09:33:04 am

Sorry I haven't commented this site in a while but now that i have, great work! Your review on 13 reasons why was amazing and I alos loved the Glee reviews.

My favorite ship is percabeth (percy and annabeth) from the percy jakson series.

5/29/2011 12:04:13 am

Thanks for the shout-out Sabrina, it was an amazing book! And my favourite "ships" (when I first read the title, I thought you meant cruise ships, LOL!) are:

-Finchel (Glee)
-Klaine (Glee)
-Brittana (Glee)
-Quick (Glee)
-Artina (Glee)
-Samcedes (Glee)
-Percy and RACHEL! Haha :P But Percabeth's alright ;) (Percy Jackson)


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