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Below is a Youtube video of the 'Single Ladies Devestation'. These guys were so funny and cute that they won best viral video at the People's Choice Awards. What happened is this cute kid was singing the 'Single Ladies' song and then his dad told him that he couldn't be a single lady and then... watch the video!  
I am interested in what is your favourite video or thing is. You don't need to include a Youtube link but just describe the funniest thing you have ever seen or heard! It could be a midget getting hit by a snowball. Believe me, I have seen this happen. There was these kids having a snowball fight and this short kid got caught off guard and got smacked with a snowball causing him to roll down the hill. He was fine but it was FUNNY! 

 As always comments are greatly welcome.
2/22/2011 03:51:50 am

Sarah, please shut up. I never swear, but you are REALLY MAKING ME WANT TO, U HOMOPHOBIC DOLT. <- That is a real insult, NOT "THAT'S SO GAY". Could u PLEASE shut up. Me and Janae could care LESS what you say, and the ONLY REASON I AM WASTING MY TIME WRITING BACK TO YOU is because Sabrina is REALLY upset that people are NOT focusing on her posts, and are instead debating about me and gay rights. PAY ATTENTION TO HER POSTS AND STOP TALKING ABOUT ME AND JANAE. Could u PLEASE just LEAVE. Ur supporters on Sabrina's other post can shut up, so WHY CAN'T YOU?! Stop being rude, stop SWEARING, and STOP MENTIONING ME AND JANAE AND JUST COMMENT ON SABRINA'S FRIGGING POSTS. And at least Janae insulted you without sounding like a truck driver, CUZ SHE DIDN'T SWEAR.

2/22/2011 04:37:57 am

Sarah,I wrote that before you commented again on Sabrina's other post.... and Sabrina, this video was so funny!!! LOL so many funny Single Ladies videos, like this, Joe Jonas dancing to it, and the Glee one! :P

2/22/2011 04:40:24 am

YO Sarah.
One thing.
Please get your sissy ass off of this website, you really are being an arse. I don't care what you say about me, because I don't even know you. But for everyone's sakes, just stop hiding behind a computer screen and you're not the hottest shit for doing that.
And you really can't say that Faria or Janae are bitches, you don't even know them.
You know their names, not their story. No one asked you to talk to them anyway.
I also think you have commitment issues with. You say things like, "I'm gone shut up" yet when people ask you to leave, you don't ignore them.
You also have no right to be so rude and inconsiderate to gay and/or lesbian people. Just deal with it, princess. Life's Luke that, so if you have nothing to say, just go.
You know what? Don't even reply to this, to help you with your issues. Bye-bye.
Who exactly do you think you are? :)

Author of the Site
2/22/2011 04:48:36 am

This is posted from my 'What's New' column located in the Home tab (just scroll down until you find it). Anyways, here I go..

~ SARAH you are officially banned from my website. Any posts will be deleted. All previous posts will also be deleted. DO NOT COME BACK!

~ For my real friends, I will leave yours and Sarah's posts on for a maximum of one week if you have anything else but immediatly after they will be deleted and if you want to keep yours on, please tell me in advance. Thanks!

Now some personal messages...

@Faria: Thanks, I thought it was funny too. LOL seeing the football team dancing to Single Ladies!

@Chris: Thanks for checking out my site Chris :) Oh and thanks for sticking up for all of us!

That's all for now guys ~ The Teen Reviewer

2/22/2011 04:51:12 am

No problemo, Sabrina :)
Someone needed to deal with that Sarah chick.

2/22/2011 08:01:30 am

Dudes, this website is simply a place for the author to translate their opinions on various medias, not some lavatory door where one (Sarah) may speak their beliefs towards homosexual rights.

Sarah, I recommend that you pack your improper grammar, spelling, and overall rude attitude and vamoose to some corrupted forum for people of the likes of you.

Thank-you for your goldfish-like attention span, Sarah.

Author of the Site
2/23/2011 04:27:39 am

Hey guys, I don't mean to sound like an advertiser but if you didn't already know, please check out my travel blog located under the 'Travel' tab. Thanks guys!

Oh, and thanks Curious Sofa! Thank ALL you guys out there!

The Curious Sofa
2/23/2011 07:09:30 am

Aw, shucks. Really, no problem.

2/24/2011 08:27:11 am

Hi the Teen Reviewer and friends,
I would like to mention that my favorite video is prob. davdays cause i know hes a singer and all that but he can be SUPER funny. Thanks for keeping this site awesome!

Author of the Site
2/24/2011 10:11:36 am

For those of you who were waiting for the 'Vanouver' travel post, it is now published! To locate, look under the 'Travel' tab and click, 'Vancouver, Canada'. Thanks!

Kurt Hummel
3/4/2011 06:56:59 am

Hi fellow gleek, I hope you remember me. Still waiting for some reviews on Glee and Venice but I also have lots of school. My favourite video is the Harry Pitter Literal video. It is awesome and I found it from a chain mail.

3/4/2011 07:02:18 am

I can't believe missed this post. The funniest thing I have ever seen is actually what happened at school. There's this unlucky kid who not only tripped on his own shoes but also fell of his chair when he tried to sit!


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