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It's been way too long, hasn't it? I feel we are in due for another TRAVEL BLOG! And obviously you do too, why else would you be on this portion of the site. I am interested in how your March Break was? Did you spend it at some exotic resort, perhaps you went skiing, found new love, read an amazing book or slept in until Monday. Whatever you did, please share below!
I went on a fantastic cruise for a week (considering my March Break is only 1 week long). This cruise went to various ports in the Caribbean including St.Thomas, Aruba, Curaco and Dominca. The cruise ended and started in San Juan Puerto Rico. Boy, was the weather hot! Scorching hot! I came to school the first day back with a perfect natural tan that made everybody take a double take (including one special guy ;). My cruise was amazing. The ship, the Adventure of the Seas, was apart of the Royal Carribbean fleet and it was an amazing journey aboard. There was an actual shopping promenade on the ship where I was able to convince my parents to buy me various pieces of jewelery which I am wearing at this moment!

San Juan was stupendous as always. I stayed at my favourite hotel, the Sheraton. Before I sound like an advertiser, the hotel really was great. They had hotubs, pools and even a romantic garden with animals like peacocks roaming around! San Juan itself had numerous vendors selling virtually the same things although I was able to snag a bamboo purse for only $20!

My favourite port was most definetly St.Thomas. This was a port where the beaches were NOT the highlight! In fact, the beaches there were not even that good. Being the history nut I am, I loved St.Thomas because of the rich history and culture. While there, my family and I embarked on a tour of the island which included seeing the sulfur springs, waterfall and sights along the way.

The sulfur springs were ... interesting. Honestly, they smelt. Bad. Sulfur smells like rotten eggs for a reason though. Sulfur can be poisoneous and the fact that you can smell it means that it is not a high danger level. The climb to the springs was good exercise (much better than what you can get at gym).

The waterfall was SUPERDUPERWOWMAZING! Basically, I loved it. Every part, even when I actually FELL into the water. I kept laughing and enjoying the presence of everyone. The Trafalagar Falls are two seperate waterfalls from two different bodies of water BUT are located right next to each other. The excursion was climbing on the waterfall. The climb was slippery but the view was amazing and although I did not swim, I did wade in the water a bit to fully experience everything. On the way out, a market place welcomed my mother and I. My father though, still grimaces on the purchases we made there. I even tried coconut milk. It tasted sweet in a tangy sort of way. My parents actually ate the shell of the coconut but I found it too spongy.



Mon, 09 May 2011 10:22:54

I went to the bahamas with my family. it was soooooo hot and i got a gr8 tan. oooh, a specal guy?


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